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Top 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries in South India

A lot of people on this earth have a fascination for animals. While some are attracted towards domestic one, others prefer those who dwell in the rustic environs of the Indian jungles. Several wildlife prone areas in India have now been converted into protected areas for the conservation of endangered animal species and to put up a ban on the hunting habits of the people. A significant chunk of wildlife sanctuaries in India is occupied by the southern region making it a popular place for wildlife tours. So what are the names of famous animal sanctuaries in India ? Here they are.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Established in 1985, Periyar National Park is a famous elephant and a tiger reserve in Kerala wherein a variety of animal species inhabit. Nestled amidst the Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills in the Western Ghats, the wildlife sanctuary boasts of 62 mammal species, 320 bird species, 45 reptiles and 165 butterflies. One of the most enchanting aspects of this wildlife sanctuary is Periyar Lake where tourists can enjoy bird watching via boat ride.

Bandipur National Park

Once the private hunting ground of the erstwhile maharaja of Mysore, Bandipur national park was converted into a tiger …

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Best Homestay When You Are At Adventure Tours In India

India is the famous, beautiful and wonderful country in this earth and India is full of excellent tourist attractions. Explore the unusual wildlife and get experience the unseen before creative art, historical places and trekking on Peak Mountains. Travel around all of them with jeep safari or biking and determine the cultural inheritance through adventure tours India. These tours begin ready towards providing the necessity of tourist by given that admirable service and affordable tour packages.

Tourist arrive from all over the world to have a lot of adventure tours in India, if you have selected India as destination for exploration tourism at that time you have to take a correct decision with high on travel to create your adventure tours India unforgettable. There are various choices for best place to visit in India and some agencies such as high on travel recommends lots of section of panorama for adventure activities.

Some of international travelers backpack in India to enjoy adventures and wild life tours. Most of travelers like adventure tour, high on travel assist you to plan accordingly. Nowadays several international visitors coming India from all over the world to having fun with lots of activities, for the instance …

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Property in India Facing a Down-slide

Property in India Facing a Down-slide The real estate in India, at present, isn’t faring too well. In spite of all the brouhaha created by the developers in terms of exorbitant prices and artificial demand, the market is facing a slump. The end-users don’t seem too keen to invest in a property in India. As the builders are not willing to slash the prices appreciably, the present rates are beyond the reach of a middle-class buyer. There have been far less purchases in the first quarter of 2013, as compared to the corresponding duration in the previous year.

As India property isn’t getting abated in terms of prices, the interest of the buyers in making new purchases has jettisoned. The market sag is deeper in the cities where prices are all-the-way-up: Delhi and Mumbai being the best examples. To tell the truth, Delhi stood at the second position in terms of % price rise in last two years. A whopping of 60% appreciation in the Capital indicates that the prices are indeed the result of builders’ and dealers’ manipulative deeds.

Again, as the prices have not been curtailed, the purchasers who expected any price correction have suffered a set-back. In …

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International Courier Services – Worldwide Express Courier For India

International courier services  worldwide express courier for india. This is the edge of International Business development, economical progress for world countries, Speedy relocations and global connectivity across the major countries for business, education, productivity, science and technology, entertainment and travels Рtourism. Thus this fast progress has developed the new requirements for speedy delivery system.

Initially this was started by national postal services to deliver the letters, documents and parcels. As the time passed, it grew the requirements of express delivery of materials like documents, mails, food, medicines, other consumer items, commercial goods, light weight goods etc. placed courier services into existence. Courier services are available for domestic as well international destinations. There are few prime carrier in each country to carry the local as well international goods in its own or different countries. The prime carrier collects the total goods in terms of documents, parcels, consumable items, household items and anything as per the rules of national and International luggage transportation from all sub agents companies and deliver to the destination location by either end to end carrier services or with the help of local carrier tie up to deliver it at end locations.

International Courier Company carries all …

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Wildlife Tour in India A Treat of Thrill And Adventure

Wildlife Tour in India A Treat of Thrill And Adventure The wildlife in India is as diverse as its culture and people. From the dry forests of Ranthambore to the rainy jungles of Periyar, the country is home to the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, the Indian Wolf, crocodiles, foxes, species of deer and antelope, Indian wild dog (Dhole), rhinoceros, monkeys, reptiles, the Indian Bison and a countless variety of birds. Catering from the generalist adventurer to an avid bird watcher, the flora and fauna of the country attracts visitors from far and beyond; people of varying interests have a plethora of options while choosing the wildlife tours to India.

Popular National parks and wildlife sanctuaries for tours in India are spread over the length and breadth. From Binsar in hilly Uttarakhand; Ranthambore in Rajasthan; Gir in Gujarat to Kaziranga in Assam, every single wild destination in India is enriches with the beautiful and some of the rarest creation of Mother Nature. Whether it’s the Asiatic lions in Gir or the big five (tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, wild buffalo and the Indian bison) in Kaziranga, every Indian wildlife tour will give you a chance to witness these …

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Power Projects in India And Lanco

Power Projects in India And Lanco Solar energy is a conventional form of energy that is converted from thermal power and the use of photovoltaic cells. Thermal power produces steam which in turn is used to drive turbo-generators in order to produce electricity. In photovoltaic cells a semiconductor is used in order to produce both positive as well as negative charges using energy of the sun.

India is one of the countries of the world, which has good solar energy reservoir. India has been known to receive highest amount of solar radiation in the world. Average intensity received is 200 megawatt for every kilometre square.??? India has geographical area amounting to 3.287million square kilometre, which can effectively produce 657 million mega-watt of electricity. The desert land of India 20 thousand square kilometres is available in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan. This area is not occupied with vegetation neither is it used for other industrial purpose. By just covering 15 hundred square kilometres in this stretch of desert, it is possible to produce around 3, 00,000 MW electricity.??? The first solar power plant in India is still under progress in the region of Phalodi located in Rajasthan. This solar plant is …

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A Week to Change a Child Life in India

A Week to Change a Child Life in India There are different volunteer India programs that focus on helping children. Among them is the project on helping street children in the capital city of Delhi. Many volunteer organizations have street children programs in Delhi mainly because there are more than a million street children roaming around the city. A small percentage of these children are runaways while others are either orphaned or abandoned by their parents or guardians. In the streets, they often fall prey to child traffickers and drug dealers. Some are also sexually abused because they have no one to protect them.

Thankfully, there are various care centers in Delhi that attend to the needs of some of these children. Care centers are run by private organizations and they survive by the donations of money and time by volunteers and concerned citizens. However, not all of these organizations have sufficient resources to care for the children. Many of them have limited staff that can tend to the children and attend to their needs. That is why volunteer India can really be of big help to these organizations. In fact, many of these organizations can barely take care of …

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Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Ensure Unforgettable Experience

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Ensure Unforgettable Experience India is home to many exotic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which attract wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers from all over the world. Various fabulous animal sanctuaries make this country a nature lovers’ paradise. Such sanctuaries and parks of this country are home to around 3500 different species of mammals, 2000 different species of birds, 30000 different species of insects, and 15000 different varieties of plants. Travelers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world visit this country to explore the rich flora and fauna.

There are about 100 national parks and over 441 animal sanctuaries in this country. Among these, the twenty eight tiger reserves are governed by Project Tiger. These sanctuaries and parks cover nearly 4.5 % of the total geological area of the country. These sanctuaries are scattered all across the country in different states and attract wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers with their awesome landscapes, marvelous ambiance, serene beauty and diverse range of rich flora & fauna. Almost all animal sanctuaries & parks were initially the personal hunting grounds of the earlier Indian upper-class families.

During your holiday in India you could not resist yourself to visit …

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Cheap And Available Air India Flights to Kolkata

Cheap And Available Air India Flights to Kolkata Kolkata is connected to international destinations through Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and airlines like Air India. Air India flights to Kolkata are available from major cities across the nation and also from abroad destinations. The flights Kolkata from foreign destinations land at NSCB International Airport. And the domestic airlines also land at this air port but in different terminals. The flagship carrier of the Indian aviation industry connects Kolkata to abroad destinations and also domestic towns.

If you are looking for cheap Kolkata flight booking, go for Air India Flights to Kolkata. Since this airline is considered a major airline one may think that it is not possible to find cheap tickets for this airline to such cities like Kolkata, Delhi and others. The low cost airlines like Kingfisher, Air Deccan, IndiGo, GoAir and SpiceJet give tough competition to major airlines like Air India and Jet airways. This intense competition has compelled them to bring a change in their fare policies and introduce low airfare policies. That is why it also possible to find tickets for Air India to Kolkata and other cities.

The Air India flights to Kolkata are …

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Dental Tourism in India, Endodontic, Prosthodontic And Orthodontic Treatments

Dental Tourism in India, Endodontic, Prosthodontic And Orthodontic Treatments Medical tourism in India is certainly on the upsurge around the world. The sky scrapping prices of medical treatments offered in the western hemisphere is the major reason that encourages tourists to fly down to South-East Asian countries like India, Bangkok and Philippines to seek affordable health care. Dental tourism is one of the major arenas of health care treatments offered in India. Most dental clinics are well equipped to provide basic services such as tooth restoration, tooth extractions and Endodontic among others.

The popularity of dental tourism among foreign nationals can be attributed to the non-coverage of cosmetic dental procedures by medical insurance policies and the high cost of such treatments in their domicile country . The hospitals in this country are home to highly quality dental treatment facilities and experienced surgeons. Adding to that is the success ratio of dental treatments and medical care offered in the hospitals across India that attracts many patients from abroad.

The reason why tourists have high confidence in dental treatments in India is that a major chunk of Indian dentists have extensively studied and practiced in western countries and polished their skills. Some …