Wildlife Sanctuaries in India Ensure Unforgettable Experience India is home to many exotic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which attract wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers from all over the world. Various fabulous animal sanctuaries make this country a nature lovers’ paradise. Such sanctuaries and parks of this country are home to around 3500 different species of mammals, 2000 different species of birds, 30000 different species of insects, and 15000 different varieties of plants. Travelers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world visit this country to explore the rich flora and fauna.

There are about 100 national parks and over 441 animal sanctuaries in this country. Among these, the twenty eight tiger reserves are governed by Project Tiger. These sanctuaries and parks cover nearly 4.5 % of the total geological area of the country. These sanctuaries are scattered all across the country in different states and attract wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers with their awesome landscapes, marvelous ambiance, serene beauty and diverse range of rich flora & fauna. Almost all animal sanctuaries & parks were initially the personal hunting grounds of the earlier Indian upper-class families.

During your holiday in India you could not resist yourself to visit some of popular national parks and animal sanctuaries of India. When you will explore famous forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of India you will have ample opportunities for seeing several rare and endangered species of animals and birds such as royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants, Asiatic lions, snow leopards and Siberian cranes. Many of Indian wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are internationally renowned for some specific species of animals. For example, Kaziranga National Park in Assam is known for one-horned rhinoceros; Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is known for Indian elephants, Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan is known for royal Bengal tigers, Gir Forest Reserve in Gujarat is known for Asiatic lions and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is known for migratory birds.

A trip to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India brings you close to the nature. You will have ample opportunities for seeing diverse range of rich flora and fauna. You will enjoy tranquil and serene environments while walking down the scenic trails or past the tall trees. You can enjoy the best charm of wildlife in India by exciting elephant safaris or jeep safaris. Almost all popular destinations for wildlife tourism in India have excellent accommodation facilities in forms of many good hotels and jungle resorts. So, for a holiday filled with excitements and thrills, you must check out the some of popular national parks or wildlife sanctuaries in India. You will have an unforgettable experience of lifetime.

By pauline