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The Modern Appeal Of Asian Tapestries

The Modern Appeal Of Asian Tapestries Modern home d?cor enthusiasts are often looking for new and unusual items to add a unique touch to their home accents. Whilst those in the know have often turned to textiles and wall hangings to add that distinct touch very few are aware of one of textile arts? hidden gems: Asian tapestry art.

Asian tapestries enjoyed a brief flurry of interest in Europe from the 17th century onwards, for about 150 years. Reflecting the growing confidence of European nations and their ambitions to conquer the world, these tapestries advertised the exploits of adventurous seafaring nations and helped publicize their travels, successes and conquests.

Known originally as Orientale tapestries they first came to prominence in the 17th century. They represented exotic for off lands like China, often concentrating on unusual items such as fruits and animals not found in Europe. They were designed to provoke audiences and challenge polite Europeans ideas about the world they lived in.


Their development as an art form can be traced back to the first accounts of Eastern countries from Jesuit missionaries in the 17th century. This sparked an interest in the exotic and unusual cultures of the East …

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Unitech Announced New Upcoming Project Unitech South Park

Unitech Builders announced new premium project “South Park” coming up at Sector -70 in Gurgaon. Just 150 meter wide ‘Golf Course Extension Road’ well connected to NH -8 and excellent connectivity to Gurgaon and NCR through upcoming metro line. Unitech South Park offers 2 & 3 luxury apartments in size range from 1015 to 1600 . The price rate of this project is 5245 . And the booking amount for 2/3 bhk is 6,00,000/- to 8,00,000/-

Unitech South Park provides every possible amenity like swimming pool, gymnasium, Club house, indoor-outdoor games, Uni-Homes Shopping Arcade, Temple, Schools, Medical facility, ATM, Banks, Transport to City Centre, Landscaped Green Area, Children play area, Ample Parking Area, Community Party/Hall, and much more. In addition to the excellent connectivity, the area boasts of premium health centers, commercial offices, shopping complexes, education

Unitech is a trustable builder. It can complete their all projects on time like Unitech Sun breeze, exquisite and vistas. Unitech once again announced its new upcoming project” South Park” at Sector 70 Gurgaon. It’s Just 1 km to Sohna Road and 5 minute driving distance from Rajiv Chawk, NH-8 and 150 meter wide “Golf Course Extension Road”. The facilities offer by unitech south …

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Find Adventure on Safari in The Dubai Desert

Find Adventure on Safari in The Dubai Desert Everyday, many people take flights to Dubai for both business and pleasure. Whether you are vacationing or visiting for a work-related purpose, you should find some time to enjoy various Dubai attractions such as Dubai desert safari tour. You will find safari tour companies offer a variety of safaris to meet your needs and scheduling requirements.

Dubai city holidays can be filled with unlimited activities as there are so many things to do in this wonderful city. Getting out into the desert and enjoying the unique pastimes available on the dunes will definitely be a highlight of any excursion to the city. For this reason, a desert safari should definitely be included when you visit Dubai.

On a desert safari, you will enjoy many forms of entertainment. Dune bashing is one of the most popular. A professional driver will accompany your group and provide a bumpy, high-energy thrill ride that you cannot get in many areas where the dunes must be protected due a fragile ecosystem. But in an area like the deserts of Dubai, sand dunes rule the landscape and have little need for protection.

When you leave the hotels in …

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The Importance Of A Pc Disposal Company

The Importance Of A Pc Disposal Company In the ever-changing world of business technology, it is important for your company to keep up with the newest standards. Whether those standards are for internet technology, internet security, computer or software upgrades, you have to be able to change as the technology does, or you may find yourself and your company lagging behind your competitors.

Believe it or not, the biggest challenge for most companies when it comes to internet technology is not simply keeping up or even the cost associated with upgrading all of their equipment. The biggest problem is disposal of the items that are being phased out and replaced, or computer recycling.

Many a company has a virtual graveyard full of items that are no longer in use. Once the designated storage area for these items is full, it becomes an issue. You either have to rent more space or find someone to take them off your hands. Both of these proposals could prove costly and sometimes are just as expensive as the computer disposal.

There is also the issue of sensitive information on the hard drives. Even deleted information can still leave its trace on recycled PCs, meaning …

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Power Projects in India And Lanco

Power Projects in India And Lanco Solar energy is a conventional form of energy that is converted from thermal power and the use of photovoltaic cells. Thermal power produces steam which in turn is used to drive turbo-generators in order to produce electricity. In photovoltaic cells a semiconductor is used in order to produce both positive as well as negative charges using energy of the sun.

India is one of the countries of the world, which has good solar energy reservoir. India has been known to receive highest amount of solar radiation in the world. Average intensity received is 200 megawatt for every kilometre square.??? India has geographical area amounting to 3.287million square kilometre, which can effectively produce 657 million mega-watt of electricity. The desert land of India 20 thousand square kilometres is available in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan. This area is not occupied with vegetation neither is it used for other industrial purpose. By just covering 15 hundred square kilometres in this stretch of desert, it is possible to produce around 3, 00,000 MW electricity.??? The first solar power plant in India is still under progress in the region of Phalodi located in Rajasthan. This solar plant is …

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Basic Knowledge Regarding Penny Auction

Basic Knowledge Regarding Penny Auction Penny auction is gaining popularity day by day. Its popularity increased at its extreme stage when there was a recession period. During the recession everyone was looking at novel and new ways for saving money. This is a fact that penny auctions really help the shoppers to save money, but the shopper should have an idea regarding the exact strategies of online penny auction. If you are having a proper knowledge regarding the strategies then you might lose your money despite of saving.

The procedure that how a penny auction work is – either you pay the complete retail price of any particular item to buy it or another option you have is that you have the choice of ending up by getting lifetime bargain. This is the way how an auction works but many people simply become a part of auction and start bidding without knowing the fundamentals, the procedure.

So if you are planning to do online shopping and join such type of live penny auction sites then participate in those items’ auction which you really need and of which you are capable to pay. Don’t bid beyond your limit. If luck favors …

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What do You Need to Start a Restaurant?

What do You Need to Start a Restaurant Opening a restaurant is both exciting and tiresome, at the same time. It takes a lot to open an eatery including several essential ingredients which if ignored or forgotten may give adverse results to what you have desired. Thus to stand amongst the top successful and flourishing Restaurants In Mississauga, you need to ensure following things.

Funds – This is the foremost and the essential thing to open an eatery and to get adequate funding, you can either contact an investor or apply for bank loan. However, first you need to calculate the estimated expenses to launch your project. This estimation should include expenses for construction, equipment, decorations, staff, taxes, legal fees, leases, overhead, etc. Besides, you also need to calculate that how much amount you can pay every month to pay off the loan. Coupled with all this, you need to present a detailed plan to your lender depicting the highlights and USPs of your eating house convincing him/her that your launch will surely be a success.

Business Proficiency – To launch your very own Mississauga Restaurant, having adequate business experience is a must thing. You should have proficiency in managing …

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Why You Should Choose Vehicle Transport Companies Over Doing It Yourself

Why You Should Choose Vehicle Transport Companies Over Doing It Yourself With the economy in the poor shape it is today, most people are looking to cut corners on a lot of things, vehicle shipping included. So, many are mistakenly opting out of using vehicle transport companies in an effort to save money by foregoing vehicle shipping services and driving the cars themselves. As many quickly figure out, this is not only a foolish undertaking that results in additional financial burdens, but also in stress and headaches that nobody should have to deal with during such a hectic time like relocating.

Costs of Driving Are Much Higher Than Vehicle Transport

Vehicle transport companies are well aware of the costs of vehicle shipping as opposed to the costs of gas, food and hotels that are incurred when a person drives their own vehicle during a move. As such, they specifically make their costs cheaper than a typical road-trip drive would be, thus making vehicle transport companies a more cost-effective and obvious choice.

When you factor in not only the money spent on gas, the money spent on hotels and the money spent on food in a week-long, cross-country trip, you are …

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Why Do I Need To Clean My Registry?

Why Do I Need To Clean My Registry? Of all the softwares available today, most people are searching for a quality registry cleaner. Slow running PCs and various bad downloads have caused computers to be bogged down. Having a clean registry is important to the overall functionality of a computer and below are some reasons getting a quality registry cleaner will help you.

* Antivirus, spyware and all bad programs that can corrupt your system can be easily detected using a registry cleaner software. Not only detecting the problem but also resolving the problem efficiently is not an issue with a quality registry cleaner.
* If your computer has been freezing up on you, this problem usually occurs because of the corruption in the registry. These errors and corrupt files can be cleaned by a registry cleaning software.
* Some of the registry cleaning software out there offer other valuable tools for your PC. Some offer optimization features as well. The advantage of having your computer optimized is that the performance of the operating system of the PC improves drastically.
* The “Blue Screen of Death” is another problem that some users had to deal with. With the aid of …

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New Ride Highlights Need For Travel Insurance

New Ride Highlights Need For Travel Insurance A new ride has opened up at Universal?s Orlando Resort which the company hopes will attract many more tourists to visit their Florida theme park. With thousands of fans expected to flock to the theme park to experience the ride, experts warn to travel with the correct travel insurance before going on a family trip.

Protecting your children is at the forefront of all parents minds and travelling without insurance could mean that you are letting your children down. Trips to theme parks may mean that you need to take out specialist insurance to reflect the danger posed by thrill seeking rides which are part of the theme park experience.

Check before you go what kind of action packed adventures you and your family will be taking part in, so that you can ensure that you are fully covered should anything happen during your holiday.

Millions travel to theme parks every year, many without adequate insurance, as they fail to check their policy includes the types of rides they will be going on.

Despite the low rate of accidents at most large theme parks, going on a holiday where you will be taking …