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Vee Technologies Countdown – 5010 Conversion Deadline In 108 Days

Vee Technologies Countdown – 5010 Conversion Deadline In 108 Days At Vee Technologies, we understand that the March 31st deadline for the 4010 to 5010 EDI Health Care Claim Transaction set is approaching fast and there are innumerable providers, payers, and vendors still at risk for non-payment of claims at the start of Q2 2012. ICD-10 is not just for those who submit Medicare claims but for any healthcare organization that processes, stores or transfers any type of patient health information covered by HIPAA.

Even with the recent deadline extension from December 31st to March 31st, ensuring a smooth transition will take time and providers, payers and vendors are urged not to wait! Vee Technologies President, Patrick O’Malley, states “It is all about positive cash flow. Vee is an excellent choice to stay on track because we offer peace of mind that the conversion will go well and that deadlines will be met. Time and again our clients tell me it is our keen focus on accuracy that makes the difference. We deliver results with minimal disruptions so they can focus on maintaining successful business operations. It’s a real win-win strategy.”

The 4010 to 5010 conversion covers all EDI transactions, …

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Cheap And Available Air India Flights to Kolkata

Cheap And Available Air India Flights to Kolkata Kolkata is connected to international destinations through Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and airlines like Air India. Air India flights to Kolkata are available from major cities across the nation and also from abroad destinations. The flights Kolkata from foreign destinations land at NSCB International Airport. And the domestic airlines also land at this air port but in different terminals. The flagship carrier of the Indian aviation industry connects Kolkata to abroad destinations and also domestic towns.

If you are looking for cheap Kolkata flight booking, go for Air India Flights to Kolkata. Since this airline is considered a major airline one may think that it is not possible to find cheap tickets for this airline to such cities like Kolkata, Delhi and others. The low cost airlines like Kingfisher, Air Deccan, IndiGo, GoAir and SpiceJet give tough competition to major airlines like Air India and Jet airways. This intense competition has compelled them to bring a change in their fare policies and introduce low airfare policies. That is why it also possible to find tickets for Air India to Kolkata and other cities.

The Air India flights to Kolkata are …

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Future With 3d Technologies

3-d technology is growing at a rapid pace, so much so, that seemingly impossible things are becoming a reality of today. Whether it is about reconstructing a prosthetic nose in an accident victim or using latest 3-d scanning technology involving heat to replicate specular and transparent objects, the possibilities are amazing and limitless.

3-d printing the new rage

Imagine being able to create cool, customized objects from a mere CAD model rendition from your PC? Or consider being able to create a replacement part for your car from your computer! This is not science fiction but a reality made possible with 3-d printers. Modern 3-d printing technology has become so advanced yet affordable that now, it is possible for even small businesses to generate prototype models and life like models to test feasibility in the market. What?s more, these models are made of fine-grade plastic, which can be sculpted, cut or even painted to provide an entirely new look.

3-d scanning and latest trends

A 3-d scanner works by analyzing an object in the real world, understanding aspects like dimension, color, schematics etc. and then using this data to replicate the object through a 3-d model. The most common application …

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Travel Safety For Hotels And Hostels

Travel Safety For Hotels And Hostels Every traveler should know each detail included in the travel plans he or she is about to execute. Travel safety comes from the preliminary actions done by a traveler to fix details of the trip including preparations at home. This article will help travelers reconcile what needs to be done and taken cared of prior to any travel plan.

The first part of travel safety begins when travelers create an itinerary to be followed during the course of the trip. It is a good option to stay in the bigger hotels for places like these make use of better security systems that the rest. The second to seventh floors are widely suggested by most safety experts in terms of security and emergency accessibility.

The next aspect for travel safety is making sure to have every affair with regard to legal documents already prepared at home. Leaving important documents such as a will, power of attorney, insurance, and the like to a trusted friend will give a traveler peace of mind for when he or she goes away. This is to make sure that the traveler nor his or her associates are caught unprepared for …

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Is My Independent Contractor Really An Employee?

Independent contractor really an employee. Getting your international operations up and running quickly with the right staff can be a tall order. Your company must have the appropriate entity structure in place, register payroll properly and be setup to comply with all relevant taxes, benefit requirements, etc.

The reality is that you may need someone in country working on your behalf sooner than you are able to iron out all the details. This is a common situation in which independent contractors are considered, non employees that can begin doing work on your behalf.

However, there are major risks associated with bringing on an independent contractor. Without proper considerations and detailed contractual agreements, you may find that, although you’ve classified your worker as a contractor, the local authorities in country have actually classified him or her as an employee for tax purposes.

How do you avoid this gray area of misclassification? Ensure that you are hiring only true contractors in the first place. Though each country will have specific employment tests, generally speaking, the following guidelines apply to contractors.

Typically, outside of these guidelines, everyone else will be considered an employee, and entitled to all the rights and benefits that come …

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Restaurant Guide Helps to Spot an Authentic Indian Restaurant

Restaurant Guide Helps to Spot an Authentic Indian Restaurant London is well known for its splendid architecture and shear history, and has always been a thrilling and desired location for the tourists. Here, one can witness a culture that conforms with fun and foodstuff. The city is vivacious and active full of life that will make you fall in love with its wonderful surroundings. It is rightly said that the city has something to offer to everybody and you won’t get bored if you are here in the city. This is true in every sense its population, food and lifestyle. When it comes to food, we can say that , London is home to several different meals from across the world. The native Indian cuisine tends to be popular amongst the people here. People both NRIs and the locals will find a number of India Restaurant in London.

From the ancient times, Indian food is known for its superb taste and aroma. Though some people may consider dishes as extra spicy or irresistible, but cuisine has much more to offer than just taste and flavour. Food restaurants in London have a plenty of things to offer to the food enthusiasts …

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Find Cheap Hotels On A Budget

Find Cheap Hotels On A Budget Despite what many individuals think, staying in nice hotels or resorts does not have to involve draining your bank account to do so. With the global economy being as unstable has it has been over the past four years, many vacationers have limited their vacations to what their budgets will allow or just stayed within easy reach of where they live. In days gone by, the best way to find cheap hotels on a budget meant consulting with a travel agent or picking up and reading a copy of Lonely Planet to see what was available.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, this is no longer the case. However, you still have to take a few precautions and follow a few helpful tips in order to find the best hotels on a budget. In order to avoid being confused and overwhelmed by all the choices that exist, you might want to consider the following suggestions:

Start by searching the internet – surfing the web can be rewarding when you are searching for hotels on a budget. You will be able to save money on just about everything as well as your hotel room. …

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Art Canvas Prints Giclee

Art Canvas Prints Giclee The intent of that name was to distinguish commonly known industrial “Iris proofs” from the type of fine art prints artists were producing on those same types of printers. The name was originally applied to fine art prints created on Iris printers in a process invented in the early 1990s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used in galleries and print shops to denote such prints.


Beside its association with Iris prints, in the past few years, the word ?gicl?e,? as a fine art term, has come to be associated with prints using fade-resistant “archival” inks (including solvent inks) and the inkjet printers that use them. These printers use the CMYK color process but may have multiple cartridges for variations of each color based on the CcMmYK color model (e.g. light magenta and light cyan inks in addition to regular magenta and cyan) which serves to increase the apparent resolution and color gamut and allows smoother gradient transitions. The most common printers used are models from manufacturers such as Canon, Eastman Kodak, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, ITNH Ixia, Mimaki, Mutoh, ColorSpan, and Roland DGA. A wide variety of substrates …

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Why Insurance Companies Charge Different Life Insurance Rates

Why insurance companies charge different life insurance rates.You cannot assume that when you request a life insurance quote from one insurance company, this will be the same as you will receive from all others. Life insurance rates vary from one company to another and from one state to another. They are also dependent on many factors of your life, such as your age, your gender, occupation and hobbies, health condition, the amount of coverage and in the case of term life insurance, the length of the term of the policy.

When you purchase life insurance at an early age, you will get cheaper life insurance rates. The same is true of females taking out a policy. They pay lower premiums for the same amount of coverage as males in the same age and health category. In order to understand why this difference exists among the various life insurance policies, you have to think of the life expectancy statistics on which insurance companies rely to determine the possibility that you will outlive the term of the policy. According to these statistics, women tend to live longer than men and this is why they receive low cost life insurance rates.

When you …

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Motorcycle Trips Equal Big Fun

Motorcycle Trips Equal Big Fun South Africa is filled with wonderful things to do and places to see but some are more easily accessible than others. The type of transport you choose will depend on where you want to travel. For certain trips a car is the best option, however, if you are in a mountainous area then you might want to consider a motorcycle.

Motorcycle trips are extremely enjoyable and contrary to popular belief motorcycles are safe if used responsibly. When touring with a motorcycle you will most likely have professionals that will accompany you on your trip. If you feel you are an experienced motorcycle rider and would like to tour alone you can consider a motorcycle rental. This is a good idea for people who come from the city and do not own a motorcycle or did not have the means to bring one along.

Some motorcycle Touring tips to get the most out of your experience:

1. When you are on a motorcycle tour it is important to learn all the hand signals.

2. Before the group leaves, it is important all motorcycles have been professionally serviced.

3. During the trip motorcycle groups ride in a …