Dental Tourism in India, Endodontic, Prosthodontic And Orthodontic Treatments Medical tourism in India is certainly on the upsurge around the world. The sky scrapping prices of medical treatments offered in the western hemisphere is the major reason that encourages tourists to fly down to South-East Asian countries like India, Bangkok and Philippines to seek affordable health care. Dental tourism is one of the major arenas of health care treatments offered in India. Most dental clinics are well equipped to provide basic services such as tooth restoration, tooth extractions and Endodontic among others.

The popularity of dental tourism among foreign nationals can be attributed to the non-coverage of cosmetic dental procedures by medical insurance policies and the high cost of such treatments in their domicile country . The hospitals in this country are home to highly quality dental treatment facilities and experienced surgeons. Adding to that is the success ratio of dental treatments and medical care offered in the hospitals across India that attracts many patients from abroad.

The reason why tourists have high confidence in dental treatments in India is that a major chunk of Indian dentists have extensively studied and practiced in western countries and polished their skills. Some major branches of dental treatments offered in India are as follows:


Acknowledged by American Dental Association, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and Royal College of Dentists of Canada, Endodontic includes a variety of therapies that cater to tooth pulp and tissues adjacent to tooth root. The treatments offered in this arena include Root Canal therapy, Apicoectomy, Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy. The most common in treatment is root canal therapy wherein the infected pulp tissue by drilling into the pulp chamber. Thereafter dentists fill root canals with gutta-percha non-elastic latex from the juice of percha tree) and stick up the opening. For becoming an endodontist in India, one must possess a post graduate degree in dental surgery.

Prosthodontics aka Dental Prosthetics

Prosthodontics is another major area of dental treatments offered in India. It deals with those patients who have lost their teeth due to massive decay and periodontal disease. Here the original tooth is replaced with biocompatible substitutes. The artificial replacement depends on various factors. While the loss of a front tooth is more of an aesthetic problem, the back tooth loss creates problem with chewing process. The treatments offered in this context include crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants and dentures. Crowns are artificial coverings in the form of a tooth prepared with biocompatible materials such as ceramic and porcelain metal composite. Implants are a surgical process wherein a titanium implant is placed in the bone and subsequently after 4-6 months an artificial tooth is fixed to the implant via cement.


In today’s scenario, orthodontics is the perfect way to gain a beautiful smile. The treatment is purely carried out to improve the general appearance of a person’s teeth. One of the most common dental procedures, Fiberotomy, is a part of Orthodontic treatment. In this procedure, gingival fibers are severed around the teeth to prevent it from relapsing.

Medical tourists coming to India for dental treatments can prolong their trip for exploring the attraction of this country. A lot of tour operators offer comprehensive packages that combine health care treatments and sightseeing tours. Therefore, to say that dental tourism in India is a beneficial deal for overseas populace will not be an overstatement.

By pauline