Find Cheap Hotels On A Budget Despite what many individuals think, staying in nice hotels or resorts does not have to involve draining your bank account to do so. With the global economy being as unstable has it has been over the past four years, many vacationers have limited their vacations to what their budgets will allow or just stayed within easy reach of where they live. In days gone by, the best way to find cheap hotels on a budget meant consulting with a travel agent or picking up and reading a copy of Lonely Planet to see what was available.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, this is no longer the case. However, you still have to take a few precautions and follow a few helpful tips in order to find the best hotels on a budget. In order to avoid being confused and overwhelmed by all the choices that exist, you might want to consider the following suggestions:

Start by searching the internet – surfing the web can be rewarding when you are searching for hotels on a budget. You will be able to save money on just about everything as well as your hotel room. It is not uncommon to find $150 per night guestrooms for as little as $70 or $80 when searching the internet.

Take advantage of any applicable club memberships – if you are an AAA or AARP member, you will be able to qualify for cheap hotels on a budget. Additionally, if you are enlisted in the military or are a teacher, there may be lodging and travel discounts available for you as well.

Timing means saving money – in many instances finding the best deals for hotels on a budget involves a sense of timing. Consider vacationing during the off-season and non-peak tourist seasons. You might be amazed at the savings that can be realized on airfare and lodging during these periods. The off-season will vary from one location to the next, so be sure to inquire about this.

Try thinking “outside the box” – thinking outside the box means using methods that are considered unconventional in nature. When it comes to finding hotels on a budget, this type of thinking can pay huge benefits in the long run. For example, instead of choosing a more conventional or traditional hotel format, why not consider staying at a B & B (bed and breakfast) or an independent establishment.

Don’t be afraid to try negotiating for a better price – contrary to what you might think, it is not inappropriate to negotiate a better price when searching for hotels on a budget. You want to be as polite and tactful as possible when you do this. As an example, frame your inquiry as follows. ” I would love to spend my vacation here at your hotel but $100 per night is a little more than what my budget will allow. Could you possibly drop the rate by 15%?” Remember, the last thing you want to engage in is a combative exchange between you and the person you are talking to.

By pauline