Lock And Turn Off Laptop Display Instantly With System Wide Hot Key Save Power, Turn Off Laptop Display instantly using Turn Off Monitor Utility from Monitor Off Dot Com.

The software utility offers many other useful features such as :-

1) Hibernate & Resume (wherever supported) after defined duration.

2) Create Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer and more.

3) Create Desktop Shortcut to Eject CD and more.

4) Auto LogOff signed on User if computer left idle.

5) Turn Off Laptop / Computer Display if Computer Left Idle for defined number of minutes.

5) Turn Off Laptop / Computer Display if No user logs onto the computer and Computer Left Idle for x minutes.

6) Turn Off Laptop / Computer Display after defined number of minutes.

7) Double Click on System Tray Icon or Use System Tray Menu to turn off display, start screensaver & more.

8) Turn off Display/Lock Computer/Start ScreenSaver whenever mouse cursor reaches to defined corner of the screen.

9) Lock Keyboard and Mouse whenever required.

10) Start Screensaver using System Tray Menu instead of waiting for ScreenSaver to come up.

11) Change Default Screensaver

12) Lock Computer and Turn Off Display

13) Start Configured Program if computer left idle / inactive for x minutes.

11) Explore more features by downloading small utility now.

By pauline