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Power Projects in India And Lanco

Power Projects in India And Lanco Solar energy is a conventional form of energy that is converted from thermal power and the use of photovoltaic cells. Thermal power produces steam which in turn is used to drive turbo-generators in order to produce electricity. In photovoltaic cells a semiconductor is used in order to produce both positive as well as negative charges using energy of the sun.

India is one of the countries of the world, which has good solar energy reservoir. India has been known to receive highest amount of solar radiation in the world. Average intensity received is 200 megawatt for every kilometre square.??? India has geographical area amounting to 3.287million square kilometre, which can effectively produce 657 million mega-watt of electricity. The desert land of India 20 thousand square kilometres is available in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan. This area is not occupied with vegetation neither is it used for other industrial purpose. By just covering 15 hundred square kilometres in this stretch of desert, it is possible to produce around 3, 00,000 MW electricity.??? The first solar power plant in India is still under progress in the region of Phalodi located in Rajasthan. This solar plant is …