Omni and Eeco – Maruti Suzuki MPVs on Different Scales Maruti Suzuki has been one of earliest companies to have produced MPVs for the masses. The earliest being Omni was launched back in 1985 carrying the same 796 cc engine, which was used in the popular small car Maruti 800, during those days. For many years this car continued to be one of the most reliable modes of transport for families. With growth in Indian economy this MPV has been found useful as cargo vehicles and ambulance. Speaking to the heads of Maruti Suzuki it is notable that, even today the MPV plays a role in the company’s portfolio and there have been no clues about phasing off this model.

Owning to the economic growth and change in lifestyle of people, Maruti Suzuki decided to bring out another MPV in 2001. This time the company wanted to make the vehicle more spacious and powerful compared to Omni. This larger MPV was named Versa and was launched with an attractive price tag. Unfortunately the MPV did not manage to make it big for Maruti Suzuki. The company redesigned this model and rolled it out as Eeco in 2010. As it was with the previous model, Eeco is an MPV which is oriented towards the needs of perfect Indian family. Eeco values efficiency, space and usability over aggression and luxury.

With both Omni and Eeco in its portfolio, Maruti Suzuki is managing to bag customers from different scales. The models are rightly positioned in terms of price such that they can pull customers successfully. Maruti Eeco on road price in Mumbai is Rs. 3.80 lakh while the smaller and older MPV Maruti Omni price in Mumbai is Rs. 2.37 lakh. A 7-seater offered at such attractive price, positions the models strongly in Indian market.

Today Maruti Omni is seen as a people mover (primarily as school van) and cargo vehicle and Eeco mostly attains a position of the family member. Powered by a 1.2L petrol engine, Eeco aligns itself to the regular transport necessities of a family. Whether the MPV is taken to shopping or it is taken out for a weekend trip, Eeco rightly melds to the situation, elevating happiness among consumers. Maruti Omni continues to be recognised as a city vehicle which comes of great use during transport of heavy luggage. Thanks to the 796 cc engine and compact and wonderful design of the MPV, fuel economy and manoeuvrability of Omni continue to stand as benchmarks in the market.

To differentiate these two MPVs, Maruti Suzuki has made some value additions to Eeco like the inclusion of an AC. Apart from it the design of suspensions and seats deliver comfort of higher order in Eeco. Adding to these, the MPV also comes out in ambulance variant which is more advantageous since the car is bigger than Omni. With all the features and functionality in place the price difference is carried forward in on-road price tag. The smaller and older sibling Omni, with its practicality, comes with a lower price tag. Maruti Omni on-road price in Mumbai for MPI standard variant is Rs. 3.09 lakh, which is not the cheapest among variants. The details of pricing of each and every variant of these two wonderful MPVs can be obtained from KTS Automotors, one of the Authorised Maruti Dealers in Mumbai.

By pauline