One of the most popular water games among the youth of today is Rafting in white water. It is especially more popular among the travelers who is taking a trip round the world simply for enjoyment. Although very popular among youth and young generation, we cannot bear the risk of carelessness while enjoying the sport. One of the beautiful destinations for enjoyment in India is Rishikesh. Here you can enjoy the spirit of happiness and adventure of the white water rafting in the river Ganges. Every sports activity consist the possibility of risk in minimum to maximum range and we need to be very careful while getting engaged in the wonderful experience of River rafting at Rishikesh.

Tips for safe enjoyment with river rating at Rishikesh:

For a safe and secured trip to river rafting we are providing some valuable tips for security reason for yourself and your partners in the adventurous journey.

  • Prepare yourself before rafting: If you are a new comer to this adventurous sport, gather required knowledge and information to be the part of this enjoyment. Judge yourself to find how capable you are to be active participants in the water sport. Get clear knowledge about different dives available to perform and the risk associated to it.
  • Physical Stamina: If you have prior knowledge and experience in swimming then well and fine you are eligible to perform in the water sport. If not in that case take proper lesson in the area of swimming. Perform proper exercise well before you start.
  • Categorization in river rafting: Six different categories are available in river rafting from class I (Easy mode) to Class V (deadly attempt). As a new comer you can try the class II option as it is easy with experience of thrill.
  • Characteristics of the river: Rivers behave differently in different types of seasons. Summer rafting is much better option as the river during this period contains water in lower volume and is steady in nature. The natures of different rivers are different, so make sure to know the river.
  • Age Bracket: Check out whether you belong to the eligible category based on age or not. Many rafting association don’t allow children below 18 years of age.
  • Be with a partner while you enjoy: It’s not a game to be enjoyed alone. Take the assistance of an experienced and efficient guide to be your mate while you move for river rafting.
  • Treat guide as your god: You guide is like a god to you as he knows you better. Always listen to the instruction of guide for a safe journey to water.
  • Say no to alcohol before you start: Your life is your greatest asset, so for you only don’t consume alcohol before the journey as this may make you lose your balance. The result may be disastrous.
  • Avoid rafting in dark: It’s better to enjoy rafting under the bright sunlight as it helps you to see the danger zone in the river. Although moonlight rafting is available with many camping companies, we will suggest you not to do it without the guidance of an experienced guide.
  • Carry life Jacket: Carry Life Jacket while you go for rafting, as this may work as a life saver in disastrous situation.
  • Good Gripping ability: Make yourself comfortable while sitting as you have to face many up and downs while jumping in the water. For this your gripping quality should be good.
  • Carry Fresh water: River rafting during summer may cause dehydration, so carry fresh water for life support in rafting.
  • Carry medicine: While rafting there are chances that you might face a sudden problem due to lowering down of body temperature under the cold river water. To avoid adverse situation carry required medicine.
  • Carry mosquito repellants and lotions: Avoid using body spray with good fragrance as this may attract insects of water to attack you. You are advised to carry mosquito repellants and lotions to protect yourself from insect bites.
  • Check all medical conditions : Before you start for the journey visit your doctors and check the medical status of the body, to find if you are fit for this journey or not.
  • Carry Personal Toilet kit: Don’t forget to carry toiletries as it is a must required item after going through rafting in the waters of the river which may consist insects and dirt’s and can pollute you.
  • Wear light weight dress: Don’t were heavy dresses in the water rafting as this will make you very uncomfortable. Always prefer to use cotton cloths and T shirt for a comfortable enjoyment in the river rafting at Rishikesh
  • First Aid Kit: Always carry a small first aid kit in case you face any injury during the trip. The kit will help you for primary treatment.
  • Make use of floaters: Use floaters and sandals having ankle straps in rafting for a strong control over body.
  • Return before night falls: Always try to return to camp well before the light dawns as it is safe to be at camp than in the water at night.

Follow the above advice while you plan to enjoy the river rafting in the pious water of river Ganges at Rishikesh. Enjoy every minute of the sport for remembering it as a life time experience with our safety tips.

By pauline