New Ride Highlights Need For Travel Insurance A new ride has opened up at Universal?s Orlando Resort which the company hopes will attract many more tourists to visit their Florida theme park. With thousands of fans expected to flock to the theme park to experience the ride, experts warn to travel with the correct travel insurance before going on a family trip.

Protecting your children is at the forefront of all parents minds and travelling without insurance could mean that you are letting your children down. Trips to theme parks may mean that you need to take out specialist insurance to reflect the danger posed by thrill seeking rides which are part of the theme park experience.

Check before you go what kind of action packed adventures you and your family will be taking part in, so that you can ensure that you are fully covered should anything happen during your holiday.

Millions travel to theme parks every year, many without adequate insurance, as they fail to check their policy includes the types of rides they will be going on.

Despite the low rate of accidents at most large theme parks, going on a holiday where you will be taking part in such activities as roller coaster rides and flumes are considered as high risk by insurance companies due to the severity of accidents should they occur.

Naturally, taking part in such adventurous activities do pose a higher risk than your average relaxing holiday sunbathing by the beach, in addition to the high cost of accidents when they do occur.

The ride which is expected to attract so many tourists to Orlando this year is based on the TV series The Simpsons, one of the most popular shows in the world.

The ride is billed as a funny and thrilling treat, which will provide fun for the whole family as they travel through the fictional town of Springfield, a place which will be familiar to the many Simpsons fans out there.

The ride also includes a trip to Krustyland, the theme park featured on the show, endorsed by local sell-out celebrity Krusty the Klown.

The ride has been given the thumbs up by Simpsons creator Matt Groening, who claims he has been waiting twenty years to see his creations come to life in this way. He described the ride as ?wild and thrilling.?

Tom Williams, chairman and chief executive of Universal Parks and Resorts, said: ?The Simpsons Ride is Universal at its best: bringing blockbusters to life in entirely new ways ? And with its unique sense of humour and enormous popularity, it is the perfect complement to our brand of entertainment.?

The whole area is a medley of tourist attractions to suit all tastes, with Orlando?s official visitor?s bureau listing top attractions such as the world famous SeaWorld, Discovery Cove and Lake Eola, the famous sinkhole located in the city of Orando.

By pauline