HP C7972a Lto2 be An Excellent Steady And Durable Data Storage Media Since the Internet has been become a compulsory part of our lives, its changed the whole concept of living, education, finance, entertainment, sports, politics and above all the business and commerce attitudes. E commerce or Online businesses are now a common trend and it is only possible with internet advancements, most companies now has more access to the outer world and always trying to access new customers via internet, without moving their offices and warehouses. All the purchasing, selling, billing, transactions, tracking and massaging made by customers and companies are essentially online or via internet.

All these digital data, personal, and association information are increasing with 24X7 routine and creating massive amount of corporative data at the incredible speed. All these information or data are so important for companies, without this data they cannot expand or improved their businesses. There for they need a reliable solution to preserve data with economical costs in mid 90s IBM, HP, Seagate (Quantum) developed a solution which is reliable, durable, effective and offers best performance with very low costs, they introduced LTO Linear Tape Open tape format which give a huge relief and efficient performance to preserve data with great protection. HP LTO 1 C7971A is the first of its kind with 100-200 GB data storage capacity with 20-40 MB/Sec data transfer speed and HP LTO1 contain with many remarkable basic features which improved and boosts the LTO technology.

HP C7972A, is second generation of LTO technology tapes which improved with more data storage ability and data transfer speed with excellent security and data preservation. HP LTO 2 tape, increased data storage ability with 200 GB native and 400 GB with compressed data. HP is confounder of these LTO tapes give an excellent opportunity to many data managers of SMBs with reliable storage capacity which is doubled from its first LTO tape and further improve their IT investment in future storage processes. HP LTO2, also improved with data transfer speed with 40 MB/Sec native and 80 MB/Sec compressed mode, this is excellent speed to store massive data and equally suitable with more security and perfect protection.

HP LTO-2, uses very fine coating technique with Ultra fine small and thinner metal particles with excellent quality, fine coating method improved data tracks and recording density and tape length, improved base film quality increased with 512 data tracks and 609 M tape length with very thinner tape finishing, which become more lighter and glossy and offers reliable movements within cartridge or with tape drive.

HP LTO2 tape, is completely offers its compatibility with all brands of LTO 2 Ultrium tape drives and autoloaders with excellent backward compatibility of reading and writing with earlier LTO tapes. HP carefully designed LTO cartridge and offers reliable, flexible benefits to the users of LTO tapes and complete focuses on the customer requirements, demands for further enhancement of LTO technology.

HP LTO2 tapes, has a memory chip similar to HP LTO1 tapes which proposes very reliable and effective assistance during load or unload data operation, and also LTO-CM or memory chip hold more important information about the cartridge usage history and keep it with solid protection and reliability. Imation 16598, Sony LTX200G, IBM 08L9870, Maxell 183850, TDK D2405, Quantum MR-L2MQN-01 and HP 7972A LTO 2 tapes are offered by with super quality and reliable prices.

By pauline