Gujarat as a community of people is mostly known for banning alcohol and endorsing vegetarianism to keep in sync with a largely Hindu outlook. In terms of food and culinary practices, here cuisine is mostly likened to Dhokla and Doodhi na Muthia. However there is much more to this group of people who combine savory and sweet strains of cooking to provide culinary delights that have a fan base across different people. Among the many strains in the cuisine that is spread across regions with Surti, Kathiawadi, and Kutchi food reign as the most recognized flavors of Gujarat. Largely vegetarian in outlook and cuisine, Gujarati food makes use of seasonal and dry ingredients in their recipes to practice a culinary tradition wrought in culture and heritage. The people of India liken the experience to a veritable collection of spices and dairy on flour to engage the tongue in a satisfying and savory ride that bank on rich sweets to complement the entire meal.

Vegetarian food follows in a somewhat interesting vein with ghee and spices making up the flavor palette in replacement of meats. Veg restaurants are prevalent throughout most towns and cities of India and work as a somewhat accurate picture for half of India’s culinary exercises in eateries found abroad. In Gujarat even the fast food chain giants like KFC and McDonald’s have sections that are devoted to satisfying their vegetarian clientele. With the number of Indian restaurants mushrooming around the world, the numbers of players have also upped their ante in the vegetarian offerings that are available for diners with such inclinations. These restaurants find their offerings lapped up by expatriates or adventurous gourmets who find beauty in the same.

Gujarati food mostly caters to the sweet tooth of most eaters with a majority of culinary offerings trebling the host of sweets and desserts that add immense variety to the savory quotient of the same cooking traditions. Different varieties of halva, Ghari, Gughra, Kajukatri, Soan Papdi; all of these sweets come under the purview of the Gujarati culinary culture with festivities maximizing on such trends. Vegetarian food is fast growing simply because of a largely health and environment conscious youth that is quickly realigning lifestyle choices to one with more green vegetables that can offset workaholic stress and work schedules. With increasing instances of heart risks and conditions upping its stakes on this new demographic, vegetarian food is known for its proclivities to easing out such adverse conditions.

Veg restaurants can be seen as a offshoot of the modern practices to help engage a largely unhealthy population trying to get their diets right! With restaurants that the largely conscious clientele philanders in a certain type of menu is found that incorporates the aspirations of these people. With such trends dictating the way chefs choose to change menus, the business is seen with continual strides towards incorporating more variety and healthy foods into their acumen. Vegetarian isn’t of course necessarily healthy but it is somewhat more so. This is why Gujarati food has literally exploded into the restaurant and cuisine landscape as it offers freshness in terms of taste, quality, purity and healthiness.

By pauline