7 Continents Of World Specific features of continent like climatic conditions and topography of land become responsible for the beginning of civilizations in the world. Civilizations were responsible for the creation of new custom tradition, languages and tribes.


Asia is the largest and most populous continent of the world. Asia is historically rich continent. It is the continent of invaders which brought acculturation in every sphere of life that is widely observed in every nations of Asia. It is the home of largest civilization which were responsible for human evolution. Geographically and topographically Asia is very important. It is the continent where highest point (Mount Everest) lowest point (Dead Sea) and land of rising nation (china) world’s biggest nation amplify the importance of Asia in the world. Another interesting feature of this continent is tigers that are the only animal of its wild life. Asia is the continent of Fertile Crescent, oil rich countries and four little dragons (Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong) are playing major role in the world.


Europe is designated at the fifth rank on the continent. It is the only continent of the world which has experienced every phase of history in the form of dark, medieval and renaissances . Historically it is unique and has been the hub of great politics, culture and economic consideration in its earlier time. As compare to other continents it has culture distinction than geographical one. Europe is responsible for the two major sordid incident of the history that were colonization, World War I and World War II. They had left indelible imprints on the world. Despite its bleak historical aspect Europe is the continent of heterogeneous culture where every nation has its own culture and language.


Africa “the dark continent” is the second largest and second populous continent of the world. It is the continent of tribes which was subjected to slavery in the time when Europe was moving towards industrialization. It had terribly suffered from the hand of imperialism and kept away from any development for a long time. In spite of deserted history Africa is geographically and topographically rich. Africa is naturally blessed and enrich in mineral resources that elevated its importance economically and geographically. It is the continent where mysteries of Egypt speaks, world’s longest river (the Nile) tells the histories of the world and world’s largest desert “the Sahara” is the masterpiece of world redouble its importance. Africa is the lands of wonders. Its everything is unique and makes it different in the world. Its Interesting aspect is that it contains more countries than any other continent. It is the continent of gold and diamond, most of the world’s gold and diamond come from Africa.


Australia” the lonely continent” confines in water from all sides and lies completely in southern-eastern hemisphere of the earth. It is the only continent that is surrounded by water from all sides. It is full of exclusive features from biodiversity to topography. It is a land of desert where fertile region embellish it with minerals that are hidden in it. It is enrich in exotic beaches that has no match in the world. Its interesting feature is that it is a continent where sheep are more than human beings. Australia was also the victim of colonization in the early nineteenth century. It was possible due to sporadic visit of fishermen in search of hunt that had brought great diversity along colonization in this land.


America is the continent which was discovered in 1492 by Columbus. Earlier red Indians were the inhabitants of America. Later on it was divided into north and South America. Panama Canal is the demarcation between North America and South America. North America lies in the northern hemisphere and connects Asia by the ice of Bering Sea. Its amazing features give amazing position in the world. Its highest peak is Denali in Alaska. It is the land of world’s tallest mountain (mount kea) and land of largest fresh water lake (Lake Superior). North America is economically and topographically very important in varied means. South America is the land of non-English speaking region. Its enhancing features are the Amazon River basin that is the most fertile region of it. It also possesses the world’s longest mountain range Andes that is the young mountain range of the world. These two continent are culturally very diverse and home of the immigrants that come here for the seek of better opportunities.


Antarctica” the white continent’ is dearth of colors and human life. It is the continent of ice where life is static and is considered as the world’s largest desert of ice. This monotonous continent is rich in solitary and ice but lack of ecstatic and verve. This polar region lies in the South Pole and remains freeze throughout the year. It is the continent of highest average altitude, lowest average humidity and lowest average temperature of any continent on the earth.

By pauline