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7 Continents Of World

7 Continents Of World Specific features of continent like climatic conditions and topography of land become responsible for the beginning of civilizations in the world. Civilizations were responsible for the creation of new custom tradition, languages and tribes.


Asia is the largest and most populous continent of the world. Asia is historically rich continent. It is the continent of invaders which brought acculturation in every sphere of life that is widely observed in every nations of Asia. It is the home of largest civilization which were responsible for human evolution. Geographically and topographically Asia is very important. It is the continent where highest point (Mount Everest) lowest point (Dead Sea) and land of rising nation (china) world’s biggest nation amplify the importance of Asia in the world. Another interesting feature of this continent is tigers that are the only animal of its wild life. Asia is the continent of Fertile Crescent, oil rich countries and four little dragons (Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong) are playing major role in the world.


Europe is designated at the fifth rank on the continent. It is the only continent of the world which has experienced every phase of history in the …