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A Week to Change a Child Life in India

A Week to Change a Child Life in India There are different volunteer India programs that focus on helping children. Among them is the project on helping street children in the capital city of Delhi. Many volunteer organizations have street children programs in Delhi mainly because there are more than a million street children roaming around the city. A small percentage of these children are runaways while others are either orphaned or abandoned by their parents or guardians. In the streets, they often fall prey to child traffickers and drug dealers. Some are also sexually abused because they have no one to protect them.

Thankfully, there are various care centers in Delhi that attend to the needs of some of these children. Care centers are run by private organizations and they survive by the donations of money and time by volunteers and concerned citizens. However, not all of these organizations have sufficient resources to care for the children. Many of them have limited staff that can tend to the children and attend to their needs. That is why volunteer India can really be of big help to these organizations. In fact, many of these organizations can barely take care of …