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IntelliNews Polish Banking Report

IntelliNews Polish Banking Report The IntelliNews Polish Banking Sector Report offers an extensive summary of the Polish banking sector. It includes a complete coverage of the latest developments, trends and corporate news, accompanied by thorough statistics and comments. This sector report is ideal to keep you abreast on recent company and industry news. Written by local professionals, it is a unique market and business intelligence analysis, tailored to save time by providing in-depth information, while helping you to make confident and informed business decisions.

SummaryBig and strong banks faced 2010 as the time of their effectiveness improvement and increasing the balance sheet, however, credit action was hampered due to further recommendations of the Financial Supervisory Commission (KNF). Both strategic and minority shareholders will take a heavy toll as the dividend, and its pay-out was approved by some big and smaller players.

The capital and solvency ratios are systematically improving, and this tendency should be upheld this year due to the Basel III implementation’s anniversary, which increased capital requirements. Weaker players have rebounded from the credit crunch and posted better results vs. previous years. However, some of them have a very cautious approach to a dynamic increase of credit action, remembering …