The Unlimited Business Opportunities in The Age of Social Media These two years, the Social Media has an unprecedented developed. Businessmen who are from different field all try to get more opportunities via Social Media, which is useful, low cost and remarkable. Undeniable, social media is hottest topic and tool in the marketing activity.

For example, Twitter, the most popular platform in this period.

In contrast with Facebook, in the ratio of users who are following more than 5 enterprises, is higher than Facebook. That means, the users of Twitter can accept companies easily.

As per the survey, the users of Twitter like to retransmit and comment the messages and update from corporations, like to participate in online and offline activities which organized by the corporations, like to leave their comments as the suggestion, like to recommend the company or brand to their friends online, like to upload some videos or pictures about the company. But this are much less in Facebook. Instead, the interaction of Facebook users are prefer to read messages which are reported by enterprises, to obtain the coupons or promotion information, to vote which is conducted by the companies. That is, the interaction between Twitter users and companies is more positive.

Experts analyze, one of the reason is the users in Twitter is more than Facebook; the other is different property, the Facebook is a real social-networking site, but is mostly a platform which provides all kinds of information. Besides, Twitter is an real-time and public site, so the incidence will be stronger than other media.

In contrast with traditional advertisements, Twitter is the likesome, because it is a kind of service but not disturbing. As known to all, the users of need add target users by themselves. We usually add the interested users of ours, and get something we want from this. Most enterprises like this function, so they join the Twitter, and then try to attract other users, separate the customers and get profits from each other.

When we are searching the keywords we are interested in, will recommend relevant users. For example, if we input “bags”, Twitter will show some relevant users immediately, and these users must get enough fans or with a “V”, just like “Bagtreeok” (from ). So more and more enterprise users apply enterprise certification, even some of them get more concerning via transactions.

As per the latest data, in the second quarter, the income from advertisement is 103 million USD, the rate of rise is 12.4% compared with the first quarter. In all of the income from advertisement, income from twitter advertisement gets 10% scale, it’s about 10 million USD. It is the first time to provide the independent advertisement space for twitter in the second quarter of 2012, it shows that there is a large profits in advertisement for twitter. As this trend, the twitter advertisement will be expanded right along, and we believe that more and more enterprises will be attracted in the future.

By pauline