Prestashop And Ocatalog The Ultimate Mobile Commerce Solution For Your Current Ecommerce Store The progression of ecommerce has reached new heights in recent years with the emergence of mobile commerce. Last year, many big as well as medium sized brands and businesses turned to mobile commerce to tap more potential customers. Getting a mobile app to drive in more revenue and business through mobile store has become essential for businesses.

Due to the growth of smartphone users and their need to have information with them on the go, many businesses have been looking to transform their ecommerce system into m-commerce solution. To cater to this specialized requirement, has created an exceptional mobile solution to help retailers using Prestashop to create their own branded native mobile app. works with your current Prestashop system; there is no need to change hosting, your software or learn anything new. Any changes/additions made your web store are updated in your new mobile store powered by .

combined with PrestaShop provides retailers and consumers with a mobile commerce solution that is user friendly and full of engaging is a cost effective way to transition into the mobile commerce space without breaking the bank and a more cost effective way to increase customer value.

With no need of change in hosting, software or adaptation to any new technology, will save your time as well as money. can be installed merely in a couple of days and you can immediately start enjoying the benefits. provides full support and assistance to ensure that your mobile commerce solution works as expected.

Without losing any time, you are able to reach more customers and start enhancing your business base. and PrestaShop will help you to maximize your selling capabilities and profits too while also connecting you to customers in an efficient way.

A better shopping experience will keep your customers engaged with you and deepen their loyalty to your in combination with PrestaShop will prove really helpful for building your brand image, broadening your marketing reach and creating a stronger bond with your customers. An additional benefit of is the ability to work offline so that customer can browse your products or new notifications at their convenience. With retailers can offer their customers a hassle free mobile shopping platform that is quite safe and secure.

Contact today to learn more about how we can help you extend your Prestashop store into a branded native mobile app for your mobile consumers who are on the go.

By pauline