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Numerous Factors Are Considered by Companies in Making Offers For a Fast House Sale

Numerous factors are considered by companies in making offers for a fast house sale. We all know that there are companies nowadays willing to make an offer for homes that are in any structural and aesthetic condition. These “We Buy Houses” companies are very smart in making their business grow because they are willing to pay a certain amount for the condition of the home. Of course, they would like the homes to be on the poor state because the fast house sale price is normally below the average compared to well-kept homes that need little renovation. If you are interested on a fast house sale, you have to know how these companies price your property.

Condition of the home

The current state of the house is a very important consideration for We Buy houses companies. They look at the foundation, exterior structures, interior conditions, plumbing, electrical wiring, fixtures, flooring, wood paneling and other items that will be left behind by the homeowner. A home in great condition but has poor design elements can sell at a better price compared to a home that looks nasty and potentially hazardous to people. Thus, do not expect massive amounts of money if …

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Recent SEC Rules For Shell Companies

Recent SEC Rules For Shell Companies In recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) has published releases relating to Shell Companies that affect the use of Rule 144 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), by shareholders of Shell Companies. In addition, the rules limit registration of securities on Form S-8 of the Securities Act and affect disclosures required in Form 8-K under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, (the “Exchange Act”).

What is a Shell Company? Securities Act Rule 405 and Exchange Act Rule 12b-2 define a Shell Company as a company, other than an asset-backed issuer, with no or nominal operations; and either:

no or nominal assets;

assets consisting of cash and cash equivalents; or

assets consisting of any amount of cash and cash equivalents and nominal other assets.

What is a Business Combination Related Shell Company? A business combination related shell company is:

a shell company formed by an entity that is not a shell company solely for the purpose of changing that entity’s domicile solely within the United States; or

a shell company formed by an entity that is not a shell company solely for the purpose of completing a …

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Why You Should Choose Vehicle Transport Companies Over Doing It Yourself

Why You Should Choose Vehicle Transport Companies Over Doing It Yourself With the economy in the poor shape it is today, most people are looking to cut corners on a lot of things, vehicle shipping included. So, many are mistakenly opting out of using vehicle transport companies in an effort to save money by foregoing vehicle shipping services and driving the cars themselves. As many quickly figure out, this is not only a foolish undertaking that results in additional financial burdens, but also in stress and headaches that nobody should have to deal with during such a hectic time like relocating.

Costs of Driving Are Much Higher Than Vehicle Transport

Vehicle transport companies are well aware of the costs of vehicle shipping as opposed to the costs of gas, food and hotels that are incurred when a person drives their own vehicle during a move. As such, they specifically make their costs cheaper than a typical road-trip drive would be, thus making vehicle transport companies a more cost-effective and obvious choice.

When you factor in not only the money spent on gas, the money spent on hotels and the money spent on food in a week-long, cross-country trip, you are …

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Why Insurance Companies Charge Different Life Insurance Rates

Why insurance companies charge different life insurance rates.You cannot assume that when you request a life insurance quote from one insurance company, this will be the same as you will receive from all others. Life insurance rates vary from one company to another and from one state to another. They are also dependent on many factors of your life, such as your age, your gender, occupation and hobbies, health condition, the amount of coverage and in the case of term life insurance, the length of the term of the policy.

When you purchase life insurance at an early age, you will get cheaper life insurance rates. The same is true of females taking out a policy. They pay lower premiums for the same amount of coverage as males in the same age and health category. In order to understand why this difference exists among the various life insurance policies, you have to think of the life expectancy statistics on which insurance companies rely to determine the possibility that you will outlive the term of the policy. According to these statistics, women tend to live longer than men and this is why they receive low cost life insurance rates.

When you …