Pizza  A Peek Into Its Evolution There are so many times when we decide to order food from outside and the first thought for many in such a situation is to order a pizza. The thought of a hot cheesy pizza with toppings of choice is enough to make the mouth water.

In order to make sure that your taste buds get what they want, pizza outlets have made efforts to ensure that their customers get a variety to select from and also make sure that their clients can place their orders very conveniently. You can place an online ordering for pizza or can download the mobile application and place the order. Of course they still have the conventional method where you can place the order by making a call.

We all devour on pizzas but let us look at how this yummy dish evolved and got famous. Pizza has its origin from Italy and was initially considered a peasants meal for centuries. In fact it was eaten by many people in the Mediterranean including Greeks and Egyptians. At that time, it used to be rough bread that was made beneath the stones of the fire. Once ready, lots of different toppings were put on it.

However, the credit of inventing the modern pizza goes way back in 1889 to Raffaele Esposito of Naples. He prepared three different kinds of what he called ‘Pizzeria di Pietro’ for Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita di Savoia when they were on a holiday. The Queen liked it so much that she sent an appreciation letter to him thanking him for the pizza he had created for them. Raffaele Esposito dedicated one of his specialties to the Queen and called it “Pizza Margherita.”

After that it only got more and more popular. In the 19th century, pizza began to be sold in the streets of Naples. Different kinds of toppings were invented by people. It soon migrated to other countries. America was one of the first countries where pizza became popular. The first pizzas in the country were called the American pie. They first had the cheese, toppings and then the sauce which is contrary to what we get today. What had started as a rough piece of bread began to evolve to a more sophisticated dish. Gradually restaurants and outlets dedicated especially to pizza were opened across the globe.

Today, pizza is very popular with people of all ages and everyone one has his or her favorite according to the toppings they like. One also has the choice to select from different kinds of crusts. To add on, the method of placing an order online is a simple and quick way to ensure that your hot, tasty meal is delivered at your doorstep. So, take advantage and have fun as you enjoy the delicious food.

By pauline