Learning Focus If we want our photo have a great quality and pleasing to the eye, the resulting object should be focus. A photographer should be accustomed to taking a photo in a under pressure state so that their eye trained to see objects clearly. Nowadays almost all cameras and lenses are equipped with AF (Auto Focus) that can help the photographer to take better pictures.

Preparation is the most basic technical ability. It cannot be learned in a short time and took several days to a month to master the elementary theory of photography also an introduction to the equipment used. In the non autofocus usage lenses, refraction must exist in the rotating focus ring. There are lenses that rotate clockwise to get infinity focus, also lenses that rotate counter clockwise. Depend on each lenses configuration. The flashes of two types with same brands also often have different rules of adjustment. To make it simple, a photographer should be familiar with the objects that will be taken.

One thing to remember, as a photographer we didn’t have exact time to work (except for wedding photographer or special event photographer). Great moment that should be photographed can come at any time, that why all of our equipment must always ready to use. With good preparation, at least we already prepare ourselves to react with special moment that suddenly comes and when we have better preparation, we can have better focus in our object.

Related with manual and auto focus lenses, if we want use a manual focus, we must know our object well also how to use our lenses include many type of lenses that we use. Each lenses will have its own usage, that why at least we need to know how to use it to get better image quality. If we want take a macro image, it is impossible for us to use a tele lenses. Same condition applied, if we want to take an object that located far away from us, we can’t use a macro lenses to get better focused image.

Autofocus is recommended for them who are still new in photography. By using autofocus lenses, even a beginner can make a focus and sharp picture just like a pro photographer. A shortcomings using auto focus is we can’t make a custom focus just like when we use manual focus lenses.

By pauline