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As Nature Intended – Sightseeing in Kerala

As Nature Intended – Sightseeing in Kerala A strip of land between the Western Ghats mountain range and the Arabian Sea called Gods Own Country by its inhabitants no doubt because of its lush natural beauty, diverse ecology and the bounty they enjoy from the fertile land. Kerala with its vast stretches of tranquil backwaters, beautiful beaches, rainforests, historic and cultural monuments combine to provide a unique sightseeing experience.

Take a leisurely trip in a houseboat to experience the lakes, lagoons and canals that make up the backwaters of Kerala that extend across the state. Lie back on deck and enjoy the sight of rice fields, coconut groves, people going about their daily chores and coastal scrub jungles slip past and catch views of migratory birds, endangered marine species and beautiful sunsets over vast expanses of water.

Enjoy beaches? Kerala has plenty to rave about. The state has some of India’s most pristine beaches popular with visitors for their wide swathes of white sand, shallow warm blue seas and a laid back vibe.

Kerala’s highlands are home to large tea plantations and spice gardens. It certainly will be a different sort of experience to take in these plantations from a …

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Asian Convenience Store Market Showing Splendid Growth Patterns

Asian Convenience Store Market Showing Splendid Growth Patterns According to a new research report by RNCOS, the convenience store market in the Asian region has experienced structural changes in terms of new retail formats with traditional grocery stores getting wiped and new Western-style hypermarkets, and personal care stores receiving significant attention from consumers. The makeover of Asian retail sector from conventional shopping pattern to a new format of convenient and easy shopping is enabled by consumers’ lifestyle heading towards modernity and large participation from market players.

Research Analysis and Highlights

The report, “Asian Convenience Store Market Forecast to 2012”, by RNCOS spread over 100 pages provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the Asian c-store industry. Our team of analysts has presented all the necessary information prudently on the basis of reliable data. The report also facilitates comprehension of current trends prevailing in the industry and their impact on future growth. A brief overview of consumer behavior in these countries has also been presented. Future growth areas evaluated in the research report will facilitate our intending clients to align their business strategies as per the changing market dynamics in the region.

This report also discusses about the key driving …

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XCloud Make NAS More Powerful

XCloud Make NAS More Powerful According to smartphone and tablet PC being one popular trend, more and more people enter into the digital time, even there are not few people to use NAS for personal cloud storage system. And the famous Synology bring up the new feeling about personal cloud.

What is the key feature of NAS?

NAS is different from traditional storage service or direct storage devices, the key point is that its system and software just support material storage and related manage function, what’s more, it provides more than one document transmission agreement and hard disk in common. And the other servers can’t to support the function of file server. It has many types, so it is not only one Embedded devices in a large scale production, but also ordinary computer software.

What is the disadvantages of NAS?

1,We all know the NAS is powerful, but there is no totally perfect thing. It has not solved the key problem relating to the server which is the wideband consumption during use. It is not same with SAN which transfer data flow out from LAN, it is still use network to back-up and recover. It is not best to transfer …