What Is The Right Hair Color For Me. Deciding to color your hair is always a major consideration, and one that is often a bit nerve wracking if you are not sure what is right for you. Knowing a bit about your hair, and also what you wish to accomplish with changing your hair color can help the process and increase your comfort level with the decision. Before you make an appointment with the salon to make the change, consider a few simple questions to help you get the correct color and accents that you feel will suit you the most.

If you want to completely change your hair color, do you want to go monochromatic or multicolored? In other words to you wish to have one color over your entire head, or do you wish to have a variety of colors, commonly called highlights and lowlights.The highlights are used to bring out the lighter colors in the hair, whereas the lowlights are used to give depth to your hair and are slightly darker than your natural color or the color you are going to. The benefit to multi tonal colored hair is that it gives a more natural presentation as well as helps to minimize the appearance of roots as the color grows out.

While there is always the option to go completely wild and add blues, pinks or even purples to your hair, most people tend to stick with more traditional colors. Choosing a color that matches your skin tone and eye color can give your color a more natural appearance. Reds and coppers are always popular, but they are colors that fade and change quickly, so be prepared for frequent touch ups if you use these colors.

Generally speaking, fair to pink skin colors do best with the ash, blondes, honeys and neutral colors. Avoid golden blondes or reds. If you have a pale gold skin tone the best options are deep reds and auburns, avoiding any oranges, golds or yellows. Dark skin looks best with the darker browns and lowlights in reds or rich tones. In addition to these general guidelines it is best to go slightly lighter as you age. Not only will this give a more natural appearance but it will also help with covering and blending any natural grey hairs that may grow between trips to the salon.

Color rinses and semi permanent hair colors are a terrific way to try a variety of colors that will not stay in your hair long. These are simple to use at home and involve an application of the color, a timed period to allow the product to work, and then a simple shampoo and conditioning. They are much easier to use than the old home hair coloring kits. These products give you the opportunity to see yourself in many different shades and colors and to choose the one that is the best for you.

After you have decided on the color or tones that you wish to use, you then need to consider if you want to do it yourself or go to a stylist. The benefit of doing it yourself is that you can easily fit the time into your busy schedule. The benefit of going to a salon is that the stylist can make suggestions and even update your hairstyle at the same time. Consider the final result, and what you are trying to accomplish when choosing a color. Match your skin tone with your hair to enhance your hair and face. A wild, bright color is very eye catching and unique, where a more subdued color may be more appropriate in a professional setting.

By pauline