According to a top property consultancy firm Savills of Singapore, there are about 15 districts, which still deserves the top attraction in the property market of Singapore. The most preferred areas of attraction are sea view and food haunts. There are around fifteen districts that hit high on the market, yet a couple of them stars bright, such as places like KATONG, JOO CHIAT, AMBER ROAD, MARINE PARAD and TANJANG RHU are at the top of the list. The recent research from a notorious property dealer, states that from February 2007 to February this year accounts 4289 resale non landed deals within three years tenure.

The district 10 consisting of ARDMORE, BUKIT, TIMAH, HOLAND ROAD, AND TANGLIN area stand in no. 2 position with a total of 3622 transactions. However, district 23, stands in the upper third position registering the highest price growth of top 10 hot spot, with a price rising up to 25.5%. The areas involve are hill view, dairy farm, Bukit panjanag and Choa Chu Kang with 2837 transactions. However, if the transaction of the year 2007 excluded district 23 would have superseded the district 10 in popularity. District 23 is the second most popular hot spot for non-landed resale home since the year 2008.

As per Ms Christine sun senior manager Savills property of Singapore, the surge in demand in district 23 is due to attractive pricing which is still in limit of 500-500 UD dollar per square feet however, the average price had reached up to 649 Us DOLLAR in the first two months of this year.

Having proximity to the bukit tima belt and nature reserve the district has an edge over the other areas in the price range. A lot of development is being undertaken in the area such as, the warren, the petals, the madeiva, cashew heights, dairy farms, regent height, hill view regency and Guilin view. The property expert are on view that the areas having its proximity to sea view and food park, airport, and city area are more in demand which can be found in district 15. Even most of the schools and colleges are located in this area.

NGEE ANN a polytechnic real estate lecture, NICHOLAS MARK has said that district 15 has a quite big catchment of private business houses and homes. This is one of the reasons of number of property transactions taking place. The district registered a growth of 14.85 with prices rising from a 783US dollar to 899 US dollars on average in January/ February this year.

By pauline