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Is My Independent Contractor Really An Employee?

Independent contractor really an employee. Getting your international operations up and running quickly with the right staff can be a tall order. Your company must have the appropriate entity structure in place, register payroll properly and be setup to comply with all relevant taxes, benefit requirements, etc.

The reality is that you may need someone in country working on your behalf sooner than you are able to iron out all the details. This is a common situation in which independent contractors are considered, non employees that can begin doing work on your behalf.

However, there are major risks associated with bringing on an independent contractor. Without proper considerations and detailed contractual agreements, you may find that, although you’ve classified your worker as a contractor, the local authorities in country have actually classified him or her as an employee for tax purposes.

How do you avoid this gray area of misclassification? Ensure that you are hiring only true contractors in the first place. Though each country will have specific employment tests, generally speaking, the following guidelines apply to contractors.

Typically, outside of these guidelines, everyone else will be considered an employee, and entitled to all the rights and benefits that come …

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Top 5 Passive Income Opportunities Online This 2020

Most people think that passive income generator is nothing but a myth. There is no real passive income generator in real. But you can definitely make money from your works done previously or investments. If you know about a specific market, you can invest some of your balance on the market and make profit while others work for you. In the other hand, if you’re an expert in a specific field, you can create something (a product or service) and make money selling that product or service. Here, you will explore top 5 passive income generators in 2020.
Top 5 passive income opportunities online this 2020:

some brainstorming ideas Making passive income online is the sweetest fantasy for millions of internet savvy users around the world. You don’t need a lot of money to invest or you don’t have to run anywhere to make money online. You can sit back at home and convert your knowledge and skills into cash; it’s simple. Let’s explore few innovative ideas for generating passive income online.

1 stock photography

If you’re passionate about taking photos, you can use your talent and interest to make money online. You can start at any leading stock photography …