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Insufficient Funds Derail SMEs’ Expansion Plans

Insufficient Funds Derail SMEs’ Expansion Plans China suppliers want to take advantage of the better export environment, but investment gaps are delaying capacity and capability upgrades. Some makers turn to friends and family for loans instead.

The improving global economy and export situation in China are encouraging many companies to boost investment in capability expansion and product development. Small and midsize makers, however, are finding it difficult to obtain substantial funding needed to carry out such plans.

At the height of the 2009 financial downturn, many small and midsize suppliers scaled down their operations to cut costs and stay afloat. Shenzhen Huacun Textile Co. Ltd, for instance, closed some of its factories outside Guangdong province. Now that the company wants to set up new textile production facilities, it is unable to do so due to insufficient capital. Manager Jiang Jianhua said two-thirds of the investment still needs to be raised.

Firefly Lighting Co. Ltd, meanwhile, wants to expand its market share in developed countries, including France, Italy and the US. But to do this, the company needs to ramp up R&D and promotional activities. Sales manager Dang Danping said between $500,000 and $800,000 is still needed for hiring additional R&D …

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Federal Stimulus Funds Beautifying And Improving Tennessee

Federal Stimulus Funds Beautifying And Improving Tennessee Federal government stimulus funds are helping many Tennesseans cope with the recession; the estimated numbers of jobs created by stimulus funds are over 7700 and may continue to rise, particularly in light of the contracts awarded in for building and maintenance with more yet to be awarded.

The federal government has earmarked approximately 5.6 billion dollars in stimulus funds for Tennessee; many stimulus dollars have already been awarded but there are still many, many more contracts that are available for bid.

There have already been many contracts awarded in Tennessee for a variety of endeavours both for new construction and up keeping existing facilities. Many contracts have been and are waiting to be awarded for upgrading the lock system and rehabilitating some of the mechanisms and systems incorporated into them. This upgrading and upkeep is vital to the proper functioning of the lock systems as the youngest lock was completed in 1944.

There are a few contracts for projects of a medical nature that have been awarded in Tennessee as well. Almost six million dollars have been awarded to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to build a collection of centers, while the Gentry Behavioural …