Steps to buy a real estate property what kind of property check the value of the property- If you are buying a home then things to determine like condition of the building, the conditions of the Apartment, free or rented?. The liability of the seller – Stages of the purchase. The Real Estate Agency – The expenses for the deed and taxes – The facilities for the purchase of a first home – The requirements needed to benefit from “first home” – When lose benefits “first home” – How to calculate the taxes – How to calculate the land value – Key cadastral categories – Final advice on purchasing and mortgages etc.

During the process of buying a property is likely to encounter difficulties which initially may not be noticed. Here we give you some steps that will be useful and will help you avoid common mistakes and omissions.


Essential for the selection of suitable property is the determination of purchasing your potential. Having knowledge of your financial opportunities will end up in the right decisions on the amount of equity and debt. Knowing the amount you invest you can proceed safely in search of suitable property.

Search a property

To facilitate the search process, you can get in touch with our company. Our partners will discuss with you the property of your choice and requirements you have. The Terra gives you the opportunity to choose among hundreds of properties.

Finding the right property

Our colleagues considering your requirements and choosing among hundreds of properties, we suggest those whose characteristics match you obtain the best possible. Moreover continuously inform you by email for new properties that arise.

Visiting the property

Your visit to the property that interests you is important because it will help you have a complete picture. Partners who will accompany you in the field have flexible hours, which gives you the possibility to visit non-working hours and days if needed.


If you decide that a property you really are and what they are looking for will announce your decision to partner us and that on the owner. Then it is very likely to be asked to prove your solvency.

Find a lawyer

Before the market should be legal control of the property of the lawyer you choose. The lawyer will represent you is preferable to know the area and have experience in transfers.

Completion of the transfer

Order to execute the transfer of the property, the buyer should produce certain documents as specified in the ‘Documents to Buyers’. After signing the contract a copy filed in the land registry so that the new owner to obtain the transfer certificate of the property.

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