Spice Market Indian Restaurant and Bar in Delhi Every day Spice market organize the lunch buffet, it is perfect for corporate lunch. Spice Market is a 75-seat Indian Restaurant & Bar located behind Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi. Here we can organize the parties, events and buffet parties. You can expect here Rajasthani Laal Maas, Pathar Ke Kebab & Rajma Ke Shammi. Perhaps life doesn’t have as much spice as Indian cuisine. If an Indian food restaurant understands the vivacity of spices in food and offers a platter to sample the key ingredients that make Indian food come alive then there’s no way you could have enough of it. Your quest to partake on Indian food’s best must lead you to Spice Market, Saket and once there let the food do the hard work.

Every Indian region has its own singular combination of spices that make it exceptional. So, it’s not enough to have an Indian delicacy but it’s imperative to have it cooked in different styles. At this restaurant in Saket you could kick off the epicurean adventure with Udaipur Ka Bhuna Kukda (Rs 545 full and Rs 365 Half) and see what how regional specialty can transform a food. A unique blend of spices predominant in Rajasthan, this version of the Tandoori Chicken is unlike the classic one we’re used to.

Most classic Indian dishes are a result of experimentation and here you could see that trick unfold with Rajma Ke Shammi (Rs 375), a fine mince of spiced Rajma mixed with green chilly and dhania leaves.

And if it’s something more tantalizing that you crave, then go for Jodhpuri Mirch ka Pakoda (Rs 365).

Surrounded by huge glass jars and hasencloth sacks of overflowing spices, the ambience, much like the food, is a tribute to Indian cuisine. Imagine sitting in a haat and devouring some Kolhapuri Sukha Chicken (Rs 445), Kashmiri Dum Aloo (Rs 375), Kurkuri Bhindi (Rs 365) or Boatman’s Curry (Rs 695), prawns cooked in southern coastal style.

The fabled component not with standing there is much more at Spice Market that makes it visit worthy.

Spice Market has a special weekend lunch and a night buffet which packs in the best of their menu. Priced at Rs 795 (plus taxes) the buffet has unlimited servings of kebabs, curries, biryaani and the desserts. The buffet menu changes everyday and that’s one really good reason to try it but make sure you don’t hit the buffet when it’s about to end. The food tends to get cold and the breads aren’t hot enough.

By pauline