Oman Attracting The World The Arabian Peninsula is now becoming another most attractive destination among the travelers and explorers. After Dubai, Oman is another flourishing Arabian country which has a lot to offer to the people of world -luxury, exploration, and safari and adventure sports. Officially Oman is called the Sultanate of Oman and is situated in the Middle East. Omanis are known for their hospitality and friendly nature and this is why Oman is building their reputation as one of the finest places for tours and travel. A lot of new hotels and resorts Oman have come up in the recent times to promote the culture and hospitality industry of the country.

Muscat is the capital city of Oman and is also known as the gateway to the country. Oman offers a picturesque landscape, high mountains, sea, jungles and deserts and in all sense they are developed in such a way that everyone finds it attractive. This is the sole reason that in the last few years Oman has seen a rise in the foreign tourists to its soil. The capital city Muscat is also the financial hub of the country which is why a lot of visitor thronged into Muscat making it the hotspot of the country. When there are business people luxury shall be made available. This is one of the reasons that Muscat houses some incredible spa resort for the purpose of relaxation after hectic meetings.

Apart from its Spa Resorts Oman is also popular for luxury hotels and family resort. The beautiful gardens, lined up trees on the roadside and splendid coastline makes the city a place where work and fun goes along. City has two Portuguese forts – Jelali and Merani. The beautiful beaches are named Qurum beach, Yeti and Bandar Al Jissah which provides visitors and tourist’s exceptional sunset. Parks and gardens like Riam, Qurum Natural Park and Kalbouh. All these make Muscat one of the major Oman tourist destinations.

A tourist destination if doesn’t have the right kind of accommodation and recreational facilities it won’t attract the tourists, it must have right kind of facilities for the visitors to relax and rest. And for the major part of Oman, hotels and resorts have their own class. There are specifically exclusive resorts for spa with all the major facilities like meditation, Ayurvedic Spa facility by skilled masseurs. All in all Oman provides luxury with adventure and classic touch of hospitality.

By pauline