Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment the maintenance of fire extinguisher is compulsory if you want to make a use of it at the right time. This is the best blaze protection device usually use in emergency situations. This device requires maintenance if anyone wants to make a proper use of it. It cannot be used during out of control flames like the blazes have reached to the ceiling of the building and comes out to the windows. For this situation fire protection department has hired and the team controls the flames by using protecting tools.

The business owners are aware about the facts the flames outbreak at their workplaces can bring devastation for their business however they keep some safety equipment at their company in order to fight with the emergency situations. They know the company employees’ protection is the first priority and this is very important.
The flames protection does not end as you just keep fire extinguisher in workplace and homes, the maintenance and service of this device is also compulsory. It is the fighting device however it needs to be perfect every time.
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stated that blazes protection device should be maintained or serviced as per country’s standard. Firefighting equipment service should be done annually so that anyone can use it properly during emergency fire situations.

The maintenance of this protection device is very important and it should be done on regular basis. You should hire a technician and allow him to check this equipment for cracks, rusts, pressure gauge operation, dents, seals, anti-tamper, discharge test dates, weights and head cap degradation.
Once the technician is done with regular checking of the equipment receives the detailed written report from him about the inspection of it. After getting the report fill the details in your flames log book because this way will keep you update with the status of the device.

Maintenance of this device is not only important thing here, being a business owner you should carry out regular inspections of this device. This is not the protection testing equipment, but only flame protection device that tries to fight with emergency burning situations. This device will have the long life if you maintain it during its use. Be sure, both the inspection and maintenance of the firefighting tool is very important that helps to put out the high flames.

Do you know what the difference between inspection and maintenance of this device is? When you do inspection it verifies that the tool is fully charged and functioning properly. However the inspection of this tool is vital after every month so that you will be updated with the status of it. The regular maintenance of this device means detailed checking of fire killing tool. It can bring variety of work on the device if you find any fault into it and its working. If you see any issue in this equipment it is better to replace it.

Other than fire extinguisher there are many other tools such as poker, log tongs and shovel that help to control flames and remove smoke ashes. Everybody must keep fire protection tools at their workplaces and homes so that they can fight with the emergency circumstances.

By pauline