Innovation For Progress Relay Industry to Grab New Opportunity It is reported that in 2011, China relay export revenue reaches more than USD38 million, although a drop of 38.52 percent year on year (YoY) and the link relative ratio has 2.02% growth. The impact on the domestic market is weakened due to the pace of import slows down. In November, the relay import revenue is USD35.46 million, down 39.58% YoY and the link relative ratio decreases by 8.74 percent.

The figures show that the international financial crisis has impacted the relay industry seriously. In such a severe situation, the whole industry struggles to fight with perseverance, and now the situation is taking a turn for the better.

The relay industry has a favorable turn and our economic operation sees a good momentum because of the increasing positive factors. But we should make it clear that the foundation of economic recovery remains unstable, unconsolidated and imbalanced, being reflected in the following aspects:

Firstly, the prospect of international financial crisis is still not so bright and this may last for a long time due to high pressure of declining external demand.

Secondly, economic development lacks of driving force and energy to overcome difficulties when facing to the crisis.

Thirdly, external demand declines so that highlights the problem of excess production capacity in domestic relay industry. As a result, industry’s growth will be limited.

Fourthly, restricted by objective condition especially economic operation rule, it is hard to boost domestic demand in the short term.

We should not attend to one thing and lose another so ensuring growth, employment and stability need to be combined with preventing risks and structure adjustment. To strengthen the relay industry in a stabilisation and recovery situation we should take full advantage of helpful policy environment and explore new breakthrough in the following aspects.

To Grab the market share with patented products when encountering crisis and win the business opportunity with intellectual property while meeting adversity To aim at a target and expand the market To adjust the structure of products and promote industry and industrial adjustment To enhance the ability of independent innovation and cultivate the core competitive power

Overall, relay industry will certainly make a breakthrough if it understands the situation, makes effort on structure adjustment and actively faces to the international financial crisis.

By pauline