Finally There Seems to be Real Help For First Time Buyers! For many potential homeowners one of the biggest stumbling blocks they face when attempting to buy property is not the actual mortgage itself, it is in fact the huge deposit which banks are currently requiring from all potential clients to insure that their investment is protected.

We are all too aware of the current financial mess that many solid financial institutions like banks are currently facing and believe it or not things are due to get a lot worse before they get better. With the 100% mortgage none existent banks are now trying to recoup their losses & secure any future investments by making budding new home owners pay out tens of thousands of pounds in deposit fees alone.

Let’s be a little more accurate the average UK property price is 220k, currently most homeowners will need at least a 15- 20% deposit to buy, let’s be positive & take the lesser value of a 15% deposit which in this case will equate to a whopping 33,000.00 this will automatically rule out a lot of people.

Buying a property in London at 220k has other associated costs involved such as stamp duty which in this case would be 2,200, legal fees (solicitors fees) which varies upon the service & the searches you require to be done however you are most likely to pay around 800- 1000 and finally you may have to pay a valuation fee depending on the mortgage lender you have gone to which could cost you around 300 in this case.

In this example before you have even began to turn your new house in to your new home you would have already paid out 36,300.00 in costs alone not to mention your new mortgage cost for the next 25- 30 years of whatever amount you agreed, at current mortgage rates you may be looking at around 1200 per month as your new mortgage cost.

For many people in full time employment the 1200 per month mortgage cost is easily affordable especially when you consider joint incomes, however putting a heavy deposit is just not possible for most people. This leaves many people who want to buy their dream home stuck looking for options which in the long run are likely to put them in an even worse position.

Buying your first or a new home is one of the single biggest things that you will ever do in your life so it is vital that it is done correctly. You must insure that buying your home has not stretched your finances to thin & one way to make sure that does not happen is by having all your fees covered.

No matter what location you are looking for Buying property in UK or the type of property you require through a simple creative finance facility, you will be able to own your dream home or multiple investments without having to raid your savings, and gain from tens of thousands in instant equity.

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