If you have tried buying computer software from an online store and felt absolutely frustrated because you couldn’t get the staff to understand what exactly you wanted, you’re not the only one because I too have faced the same experience and almost given up until I was urged by a friend of mine to try Computer valley online store. It was lucky I did because I never had to look elsewhere for my computer requirements thereafter.

What I was most impressed with was their customer service and their willingness to oblige their regular customers with specialized services such as replacing faulty equipment straight away through express shipping which is something I never experienced anywhere else. This is one store you can rely on to provide with the best service possible whether its for the purpose of buying a brand new computer, getting new software for your laptop or having your computer system upgraded.

Furthermore, their shipping costs are very reasonable so that clients don’t have to worry about over paying for goods because sometimes the cost of shipping from some online stores does not make it worthwhile when you take into account both the price of the product and the shipping. Another advantage of this particular store is that their products are not only competitive in price, but also every item you order comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee which gives you that extra confidence regarding the quality and superiority of their products.

Although I used to buy my stuff from a regular brick and mortar store which I used to think was the best store in the vicinity, I was blown away by the range of products and services offered by computer valley; which according to my humble opinion outclassed everything else I had tried before. It was only after visiting an online store that I realized how little scope a regular store had to store a full range of items because of the limited space and how much virtual space an online store had to make it possible to display everything they had in stock.

One other thing that pleased me greatly was the customer service and support offered by Computer Valley. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are the best when it comes to offering advice on features you don’t have much knowledge about. For instance I was not quite sure about certain upgrades I needed to enhance my computer system overall; but I needn’t have worried because they were able to explain to me in detail what was most suitable and compatible with my machine. Neither did they recommend the most expensive components which is what I would have normally expected; but suggested that I buy something more reasonably priced that would do quite well.

Its also worth mentioning that Computer Valley does not stock only computer accessories but also various other digital devices and equipment such as web cams, speakers, microphones, projectors, Games and software, GPS systems, printers and toner kits as well as cell phone and Wi-Fi signal boosters among a vast range of items that you would not even think of. But what is most important to them is to maintain the trust placed on them by their loyal customers who rely on their excellent products and services that have always been in keeping with the high reputation they hold among online computer stores.

By pauline