Best Catering And Function Halls Tandoori Flames is an Indian restaurant situated in Melbourne. It provides an outstanding facility for any function such as wedding, birthday party, and business meets etc. It provides a very beautiful venue which consists of all the needs which are very important for a venue as I feel that the venue or the hall hire is equally or may be more important than other factors like the food and music. The venue itself set the surroundings, ambiance and affect the guest behavior also. Tandoori flames supply endless facilities such as excellent venue with active kitchen with fridge, microwave, and crockery as they know these facilities are very important for any venue apparently they have got basic amenities like parking, toilets and ample space. They know what people wants or looks in a venue like they have got extra rooms because people need extra room in a wedding. They have got separate rooms especially made for these purposes. This venue is made for various purpose and it fulfills all the purposes.

I was amazed to see that they have got stuffs which are very important for business meets for ex computer, screens, projectors is almost impossible for any venue hire to keep all such stuffs along with them. However in order to eradicate any problem they have kept all these stuffs with them which is quite commendable.

I came to know from one of their staff that they do birthday parties and they have got ample space in there venue where children’s can play and have fun. To keep all these factors in mind and then provide a venue which will fulfill all these facts is very praising.

It has got all the necessary facilities which one hunts for a venue. They have got nice meals, experienced staffs. Keeping in mind their requirement and then to stand up to their expectation is commendable. They have kept themselves at par with their name as probably they will keep on doing better work. They staff are so gentle and so very polite that nobody needs to explain them what they have to do. They have attended so many catering &functions that they have become skilled people’s have never seen anyone providing such facility.

It has got a very peaceful ambience and this is very perfect for a music party as there are no restrictions from the neighbors. They have got the perfect place for party as they are situated where there are fewer neighbors so the problem of restrictions does not arise. They have got proper sound and lighting facility which is ideal for an award function.

Tandoori flames Indian restaurant have got all the factors which favors’ for a perfect venue. They have been into this catering business for a long time. They have professional people who know the value of time as well as the work. They have always made their venue very purposeful. They have provided their clients with all the necessities which are very essential .Tandoori flames have been extremely supportive in providing all the stuffs. They have well trained professional who have been working into this field for quite a long time .They have got very efficient staffs who are experienced and there are associated with tandoori flames indian restaurant for a very long time. Food is another very important factor, people generally prefer to get the best food and one cannot forget that tandoori flames is a very renowned Indian restaurant which provides delicious meal. I have experienced one of the finest meals in wedding. After having successfully providing all the necessary stuffs for any function .Tandoori flames emerges as a sensational venue for any function.

By pauline