Bedroom furniture designed for function and beauty unless you’re a chronic insomniac or a video game-obsessed teen, the piece of furniture you spend most of your time in is your bed. Granted, most of us are in some varying state of unconsciousness during a good portion of this time. But nonetheless our bed is where we can be found anywhere from five to ten hours of any given day (probably snoring, drooling, or both). For many of us, however, our bed and, in turn, our bedroom furniture, rank fairly low on our list of decorating priorities. Why is this? For most of us, the appearance of the rooms where we do our entertaining (dining room, living room) is more important than a room few others besides ourselves see. While this is understandable, it is also a bit regrettable.

If your bedroom decor warranted you spending more time in it with your eyes open, don’t you think you probably would? Relaxing with a good book in the afternoon, watching a little TV before bed, or even doing a little internet surfing on your laptop, all of these leisurely activities are more enjoyable in a room that’s aesthetically pleasing and more conducive to such activities. So how can you transform your bedroom from a drab and lifeless cell into a place of relaxation and tranquility? It’s actually fairly easy and won’t cause you to dip into the kids’ college fund (again).

Sitting up in bed always seems like a better idea than it actually is. Getting comfortable can be a near impossibility and a sure invitation for some lower back pain. The solution is the Sensay Platform Bed. This sleek, modern bed features two separate ergonomic back rests that are gently curved and adjustable up and down, to suit most individual’s support needs. The Sensay lets you enjoy a book or watch some television from the comfort of your bed while providing the support and comfort your body needs.

The rest of the Sensay Bedroom Set complements the platform bed perfectly. Every piece features the same understated, contemporary look with sharp geometric lines and a simple, Asian-inspired aesthetic.

By pauline