Toronto Taxi Service – A Smart And Reasonable Way TO Visit Toronto Toronto with the most diverse population in the world, where nearly all of the world’s culture groups live and where more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken, is the busiest city in one of the safest urban environments. Toronto’s population is more than Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces put together. An important fact about Toronto’s demographics is that its portal is updated at regular intervals and it is linked with all most all social websites of Canadian government, like Census Canada data, economic indicators, population and immigration etc. Toronto Taxi fares are regulated by the city and as such there is uniformity in taxi fares. Traversing short distances by taxi is economical if a cab is shared by a few people, than going in by separate modes of transportation. Often trips to outside the city are not metered but, can be negotiated. To go to airport there are standardized rates.

In spite of a large fleet of taxi in Toronto, traversing the city in a taxi is the most expensive experience. But, as they come handy, one has to rely on them in a busy schedule and when one has to rush from one place to other with some luggage alongside. There is a typical taxi fare policy in Toronto. Since July 2010 a meter drop fare of $4.25 was introduced to start the ride and there after an additional $0.25 for every following 0.143 kilometers is levied or for every waiting time of 29 seconds. For every additional passenger to the mandatory 4 an extra charge of $2.00 is charged. Canadian government tax namely, Harmonized sales tax (HST) is included in the taxi fare. Yet, in addition 15 – 20% of the fare shall be a tip. Cabbies accept cash cards but, with an additional charge for the use of the card at Point of Sale machine (POS). Cash payments are the cheapest way to pay.

All taxis in Toronto are kept in good shape and they are all in general less than 5 years old. Taxi hailing in Toronto is relatively easy i.e. you can just wave your hand standing at the street or curb, if the rooftop light is on. The light is switched off if a taxi is occupied. If you need to get a taxi from residential areas, you have to call for one in advance. Most of the taxis are four passengers seated midsized Japanese or American sedans i.e. Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Impala. Minivan taxis attract $10 extra on the fare.

When it comes to go to airport you can hail a taxi from the street or if you are starting from a hotel you can avail one from the hotels waiting taxis, which come at flat rates, depending on the distance to be travelled. You can also pre-arrange a taxi either from the Pearson International airport or to go from somewhere. Legally speaking all taxis need pre-arranged authorization to pick up passengers at the airport.

By pauline