Top Scorers of Indian Cars 2013 The petrol prices are sky-rocketing in India like never before. The title of best cars in India is quite conflicted as a range of cars perform equally splendid for this coveted title. At times like these, high economy feature of hatchbacks makes them one of the most desirable cars of Indian market currently. The demand for these cars is catching up with total supply thus offering ample alternatives to choose from. The car buyers in India have a myriad of options to choose from with a new hatchback car being launched every now and then. The hatchbacks are the standard family vehicle well-adapted to Indian roads.

It is quite challenging to launch a car that is light on the price but loaded with all the latest automobile features. But Maruti has excelled at this too. Statistics generated in top compare car websites provide an insight in to their overall performance. It has brought two of the most popular cars that are ruling Indian Car market presently. A total of seven types of car models are launched under the banner of Maruti Alto 800. Exterior design of Alto bears sharp resemblance to its other leading car models. The upper-half is a slim cut section with elegant chrome lining. A split front grille adorns the front side of Alto with stylish detailing and metallic- alloy segmenting. The front – side headlights have the characteristic leaf-cut headlights that offer ample illumination.

Maruti A-Star has adopted top-end brake system to assure the users with better grip and overall control. A speed sensitive indicator is attached onto the steering wheel for improvised navigation. The 50:50 split of rear seats provides a highly comfortable zone with optimum space. The control of braking system is complemented by coupling of ABS with EBD. Best car category seems to have more than one winner with respect to the latest car launches. Maruti A-Star is a splendid cost-efficient car that scores high in fuel – efficiency and pollution controls.

Getting a parking spot is the next big challenge, mainly on weekends. Most of the time, parking spot is available sandwiched in between two more vehicles. The owners of enormous sedans and SUVs have a hard time finding an appropriate parking spot. People with SUVs find it tough to squeeze in between these cars to claim that elusive parking spot. Next is the mileage factor. But it is quite easy to wield through these tight parking spots with a hatchback. Hatchback cars offer impressive mileage thus giving optimum value-for-money. Agile body of these cars is one of the factors that they offer high fuel economy. The cars are fast becoming an indispensable commodity for an ideal Indian household.

By pauline