Things not to keep with you- While you travel As I mentioned in my previous article, actually this article is a part of that article but those readers who are just reading this article will be able to understand as it is being written in that way. When you travel from one place to other place there are many things (that you are carrying) that will slow you down. And at the end of journey you decide not to carry them again but end up taking them.

So, I will be telling here about the ways than you think are essential to carry but there are the alternatives.

1. Towel

Why we carry towel with us? It can take a lot of space in a bag because it is big, fluffy, and thick. But you have an alternative to it. And that alternative is that of shirt you are wearing… in face the clothes you are wearing (but a wet shirt looks normal, and a wet pant?… you can guess)
SO, next time you head somewhere, try to use your shirt as your towel.

2. Water filter

You don’t have to take your water filter everywhere if you are travelling urban. Because in most countries water from tap is already filtered so you can use that. But if you have some problem regarding drinking water than I will advice you not to forgo of water filter and keep it with you. But for all those who do not have any problem can forgo of this one product.

3. Jackets

Jackets make you heavy,resulting in more hard work (if you have to walk) and in the end will make you lose energy more soon. A good way is to use a full sleeve shirt and keep with you a good amount of money (but remember not to keep all at one place… beggars). If it rains or you feel cool then you can buy a jacket from the place that you are going to and then can donate it to the charity organizations.

4. Cables Charges

You don’t have to carry with you chargers or cables where ever you go. Cables and charges bug a lot. How to plug in if there are others already plugged in, and these things normally happen. So, for travelers are good advice is to use a all in one charger. That ca3.n be plugged and can charge more things at once.

By pauline