Techy Filipinos According to Inquirer technology Philippines, the Philippines had become the most tech-savvy country in Asia. And part of the reason why is because of OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers.

Means of Communication

The reason why Filipinos became the savviest of the savviest in technology is because of their efforts for communication. In the past, letters and phones were the only means of communication for Filipinos with their OFW relatives. However, as technology grows and evolves, many of today’s Filipinos are using a number of different communication tools allowing them easier and cheaper way to communicate with their OFW loved ones.

According to a survey conducted by software giant Microsoft, Filipino families have an average of 10 gadgets, the highest in the region, which they use to communicate with their loved ones in other parts of the country and the world.

Importance of Technology for Filipinos

The survey had resulted that 69% of Filipinos said that they taught their family members of how to use the Internet for communication with their OFW relatives. This is evident during the holiday seasons in which 46% of responded had said that they would spend between 15 and 30 minutes a day to communicate with their loved ones, while another 23 percent said they would spend at least an hour.

“The findings show that technology has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Filipinos are big believers that technology helps us to communicate better, and it is obvious from the rate of adoption that everyone from young kids to grandparents is finding technology easier to use,” said Mae Moreno, Microsoft Philippines Windows Client product manager.

Importance of Social Networking

According to Philippines Lifestyle, the Philippines is the only Asian country that spends more time using the Internet to communicate with their loved ones and friends rather than the use of the phone, in which many Asian countries still consider as their main choice of communication. One medium in which Filipinos use in communication is social networking sites such as Facebook.

One reason Filipinos prefer to use social networking sites as a means to stay in touch with loved ones is their love for taking and sharing photos, something that cannot be done when talking over the phone, the survey said.

According to latest technology Philippines news, as many as 73 percent of the Filipinos polled said photos were their most-often shared content on social networks, against the regional average of 50 percent. For more information visit to our site at

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