Tapestries-a Better Way To Decor Home Tapestry is a fabulous creative expression of fine art and makes a magnificent, decorative display in almost every home setting. Modern form of tapestry is generally attributed to William Morris in England. He revived tapestry weaving by his vision and creative energy. As an art form however, modern yarns and techniques allow us to enjoy superlative copies of works of art at reasonably affordable prices — often much affordable than a framed print. Needless to say, a great expertise goes into produce these art forms, especially in the design processes.

Save on Tapestries (SOT) offers you an exciting collection of tapestry wall hangings to enhance the beauty of your home d?cor. In ancient times, Tapestries were used to decorate affluent homes and important buildings such as churches and palaces. Some of the wall hangings shown in our collection cover the walls of the Parthenon. This traditional work of art was appreciated for its aesthetic and functional value and was also considered a symbol of prestige and opulence.

has a range of tapestries ranging from Bayeux Tapestries, European tapestry, large tapestry, Belgian tapestries and Oriental tapestries to floral tapestries. You can order tapestry wall hangings to transform your home into a beautiful place of visual warmth and elegance. Grace your walls with the exquisite style and design of European wall hangings. Enjoy the ambiance of this rich and wonderful art form and bring home the warm tradition of fine woven wall hangings. These high quality European tapestry reproductions are woven on a Jacquard loom in different countries such as Belgium, France, and Italy. The patterns and scenes, which are woven into the fabric, are inspired from original masterpieces of famous artists many of which now adorn the walls of art museums and stately manors.

The wall hangings are a very unique home decor accessory and make excellent gifts for family or friends. Bayeux tapestries are popular amongst the medieval collectors with battle scenes from the French revolution bringing history onto your walls. A Belgian tapestry will provide years of lasting quality with a very personal appeal. Tapestry wall hangings in your home will not only bring out your home’s interior beauty but also a sense of history. Discount tapestries are made from the finest fabrics and throughout history they were represented as investments or displays of wealth and power. Order online your tapestry at discount prices only from SOT.

By pauline