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Clubtown Gardens Kolkata Homes Where Desires Meets Reality

Clubtown Gardens Kolkata Homes Where Desires Meets Reality The Space Group is a creative thinker realty creator; counter the increasing pressure of the times with a soothing existence answer. It integrates house with leisure. The Space Group’s achievement has been determined with its after-sales check, its aptitude to modify apartments to proprietor wants, its ability to take note and its capacity to pleasure. . By this virtue, it has constructed an good-looking admiration for the broad district owning goods in the neighbourhood of its landmark projects. It has developed 13 housing projects within 24 years: it enjoys a partial or delivers experience across 5.5 million square feet. The Space Group’s record is also decorated by an ability to improve the decency of the whole pin-code in which it selects to locate its projects

Space Clubtown Gardens is a centre of 411 apartments over 18 blocks. Extend across 6 acres, it extends flats in a variety of sizes to serve up diverse sets of needs and budgets. These encompass central garden, indoor gymnasium, children’s play area, community hall, indoor games room, etc. The place is well joined to the VIP Crossing plus the Main Arterial Road. Some major schools like DPS …