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The Common Reasons of Root Canal Therapy, Its Procedures and Preventive Measures

The common reasons of root canal therapy its procedures and preventive measures anatomy of the tooth shows that human teeth normally can have one to four root canals. The space within the root of a tooth is called a root canal. This space within the tooth consists of the pulp chamber.

Causes of Root Canals

The nerve originates from the chamber of a tooth inside the pulp. Due to trauma or any type of infection may damage the nerve. As a result, root canal therapy may be needed. Orlando Family Dentist says the some common causes of root canal therapy are:

  • When tooth decay occurs, it passes through enamel and dentin and reaches to the pulp. It requires canal therapy.
  • Sometimes, accident can expose the nerve and the victim has must consult a dentist for root canal therapy.
  • In some cases, a tooth may be chipped or broken. As a result, nerve becomes open to get infected.

There are four kinds of teeth that a human being has

  1. Cuspids having one to two canal
  2. Incisors having one canal
  3. Molars having two to four canal
  4. Premolars having one to two canal

Sometimes, branches are seen from the main canal. The branches …

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State Of The Art Procedures For A More Beautiful Smile

State Of The Art Procedures For A More Beautiful Smile Dentists are wildly popular for Veneer procedures. Veneers are designed to cover imperfections and stains on your teeth. Real Veneers are made of porcelain and are fragile, so you have to watch your eating habits. Hard foods and candies are out of your diet, and porcelain Veneers are permanent, and cannot be reversed.

Getting Veneers is a huge process. There are a lot of things to put in to consideration before going through with such a huge procedure. The Veneer procedures are also very painful, because it requires drilling and shaving of your teeth, so that the Veneers will properly fit into place over your original teeth.

While there are advantages of having Veneers there are just as many disadvantages as well. One of the most common reasons that people get Veneers is to have a whiter smile. However if whitening your teeth is the main reason for having such a complex procedure you may want to look into having your teeth whitened professionally or some kind of over the counter whitening product before going to such extremes as getting Veneers.

There are many things that contribute to the yellowing …