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New Age Storage Area Networks

New Age Storage Area Networks Storage Area Network, known as SAN is an array of storage disks, which are networked together, in order to make them appear, as one logical storage, to the operating system of the server. Generally, SAN is not accessible through a local area network like other devices and so the cost complexity was a prime factor, which was hindering its deployment. Since, this storage area network concepts deals in block level operations, it doesn’t provide a direct file abstraction. But the logic is that, certain file systems are built over Storage networks and so will be supporting file level access and will be labeled as SAN file systems or shared disk file systems.

There are two types of storage area network concepts, which are hardware storage area network and software storage area network. In the Hardware SAN, the physical storage devices have the ability to interconnect with each other at very fast rates. But the Software SAN acts as a monitoring structure of the whole network along with the configurations and makes the network data arrangement possible in a systematic way. Precisely, this type of storage is designed in such a way, that the data can …