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Affordable Restaurants in Mumbai

Affordable Restaurants in Mumbai.Living in this economic capital of the nation, Mumbai is considered to be quite expensive and costly. The most necessary of all, even delicious food is considered a luxury or maybe not. There are still few places from Mumbai tourism that offer excellent food at a very affordable price. One has to only know about these low costing restaurants in Mumbai to go ahead and feast. Most of these places are always crowded by the college students because the price of the items in the menu is very low, while others come here to enjoy the different taste altogether. Here are some of the must visit affordable restaurants in Mumbai that one should experience while in the city,

P. Raju Dosawala: Located at the parking lot of Breach Candy Hospital, this eatery serves Naram Mysore Sada dosa that is neatly slathered with red masala powder and butter. It is then lifted off the hot griddle while it is still soft. Having it with the spicy garlic chutney is pure pleasure.

Al Tosha: Close to 7 Bungalows at Versova in Andheri west, this is primarily a Mughlai joint that is oddly famous for its Russian cutlets. These thin …

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Find Out Best Business Lunch Restaurants in Mumbai

Find Out Best Business Lunch Restaurants in Mumbai.Business lunch become very popular word now days. Every small or big MNC company dealing with their clients at best restaurants with food and drinks. They organize meeting at royal restaurants of city to making good relationship with client, and why not..? if it is helpful for your business. If you give some happy moment to your client then obviously they think about you. So do not miss your chance and try to deal with your client at best restaurants in Mumbai.

A hungry stomach is the worst enemy a working class hero can have. If you are the one who strongly believes that good food is the solution to all the world problems then wear your best smile as we share with a little corporate secret. Read about the three awesome-sauce Luncheons happening in your city hosted by the hottest restaurants in Mumbai.

The Executive Lunch Buffet @ Hard Rock Cafe: Loosen up at HRC during lunch and enjoy mouth-watering food with Indian and continental assortments. Also chuck the buffet if you want and get yourself something made by the Chef himself! Date: August 21- September 30, 12:30 PM, Event occurs daily …

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Mumbai to Sydney Australia Cheaper Air Tickets

Mumbai to Sydney Australia Cheaper Air Tickets | Rs 22850 Base Air Fare The total distance from Mumbai, India to Sydney, Australia is 10,149 kilometers. Your trip begins in Mumbai, India. It ends in Sydney, Australia. Your travel direction from Mumbai, India to Sydney, Australia is Southeast (125 degrees from North). A typical flight between Mumbai, India and Sydney, Australia would have a flying time of about 12 hours, 37 minutes.

Flight Booking History By us on 28Aug, for 30Sep Mumbai To Sydney Australia Rs. 22,850.00.

Book cheapest flights from Mumbai India to Sydney Australia with ezeeflight for the lowest airfare. Ezeeflight search combines all airlines including low cost and all current promotions. With our exclusive discounts you get the best flight and travel deals anywhere in Asia or Oceania whether economy or business class, charter or scheduled.

The moment you leave the airport this metropolis, perched on the edge of the Arabian Sea, will, quite simply, bowl you over. Here you don’t really breathe the air so much as gargle it. The noise is deafening and your sense of smell begins to adjust to a variety of odors that are strange and surprisingly “exotic”. You will share this city …

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Best Dining Places in Mumbai

Best dining places in mumbai. Every one was waiting for Christmas and 31st Dec to enjoy them with lot of excitement, and why should not we celebrate those unforgettable moments of our life ? cause every year brings lot of joy for us and every belated year went away by giving lot of sweet memories to us. But time is not stop for us, it is continue be ahead, so we should walk with time. Just forget about yesterday and think about your new started year. Celebrate your every day like a new year day. Eating out is one of those few recreational activities that suit each and every occasion, no wonder that restaurant is one of the most commonly-used places for people who are looking to hangout with their friends or family. However, choosing the right restaurant is not that easy. Many a times, people are not aware of some very good food places in their own cities, especially the visitors or tourists. I’m sentimental about food, so i want to suggest few best dining places in Mumbai that will be good enough to enjoy your lunch and dinner.

On one of my ‘Explore the city’s by-lane’ trips I …

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A Lovely Picnic Spot in Mumbai – Hanging Garden And Kamala Nehru Park

A Lovely Picnic Spot in Mumbai – Hanging Garden And Kamala Nehru Park Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, serves as the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Considered to be the world’s fourth most populated city, it is one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations of India. It is also a hub of commerce and entertainment, and offers a delightful Indian experience through its unique culture and popular attractions.

One of the most quiet and peaceful places to have a lovely picnic with family and friends in Mumbai is the Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Park. This wonderful site consists of lush greenery and lawns, along with a blissful ambience, making it ideal for a serene and relaxed afternoon. Therefore for a quiet evening with your loved ones, make sure to head over to the Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Park.

Named after the Kalama Nehru, the wife of India’s first Prime Minister; Jawaharlal Nehru, this park spreads over 4,. Located in South Mumbai upon the Malabar Hill, the Hanging Garden and Kamala Nehru Park is sure to offer a serene experience amidst beautiful and lush greenery. A feature of this park is that it has several …