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How do you stay updated about recent natural gas news?

How do you stay updated about recent natural gas news  The news that United States is quite rich in reserves has, as if helped the country won a lottery. While finding natural gas is not an easy task, the country has taken adequate measures to boost its production. According to news available from varied sources, the U.S. has an approximate 2,214 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable. This is more than enough to satisfy all their demands for the next century if the consumption level remains the same, as it is now.

Domestic has now become a cheaper fuel in comparison to coal, when it comes to electricity generation. A study shows that the recent abundance of and its low prices will gradually help in replacing the nation’s age old coal-fired generation fleet. Thus the country benefits from cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient energy sources. The entire credit goes to comparatively inexpensive extraction process, helped by technological advances like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that wise use of combined with policies to support continued growth in renewable energy sector can serve as the perfect catalyst. This will surely quicken the …