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Cold Calling Does Not Generate Sales Leads & Mailing Lists

Cold Calling Does Not Generate Sales Leads & Mailing Lists It is a fact of life for most new sales people; they get the dream sales job with unlimited earning potential and expect to earn so much money that they can now enjoy the fruits of their coming wealth. Everything seems perfect until they realize that before closing a sale and earning the big commission, they must first prospect for new customers (read, cold calls). Cold calling is hard to do. People hate to make cold calls and people hate being on the receiving end of them as well.

Prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales leads& mailing lists ??jobs. There are many ways to go about it but, for some reason, sales managers preach cold calling as the only way for young sales people to generate sales leads & Mailing lists. As someone who has been through it, I wish that these attitudes would change.

I recently read one of the best selling books on cold calling. In this book, the author stresses persistence. He uses the 15-3-1 rule. That is, you need to make fifteen cold calls to make three appointments with prospects. Out of these …

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Make The Most Of Your Life Insurance Leads

Make The Most Of Your Life Insurance Leads When it comes to generating life insurance leads, you can make the most of the online resources as here you won?t be bothered by stalking agents. Another truth about life insurance is that they are not purchased, but sold out since a large number of these agents or agencies hold policies that require highly profitable rates as far as their business is concerned and these are usually lifetime policies. You can actually find low prices on life insurance leads by doing online research. The life insurance policies can be classed under 2 heads:

Term policies
Pure insurance coverage

If you are buying for life, you cannot afford adequate face value as that way, you will stay under insured. This is because life long policies are expensive to afford. They are also based on the notion of guesswork and assumptions that are not real. Hence, the estimates on life time policies on future returns generally stay on the higher side of the picture, carrying higher commissions. Make it a point to note that you have made your investments in other places as well.

Buying enough life insurance leads will lead you to securing …