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Issue Lawful Employee Termination Letter

Issue Lawful Employee Termination Letter In the company or organizations, it is common that, at some point of time, the manger may have to fire a employee for different reasons, such as poor work performance, misconduct, negligence, misconduct, indiscipline and so , can you just terminate the service of the employee as per your wish? If you think you can dismiss the service of the employee easily then, you are greatly mistaken, because there is union and Employment Law, which protects the right of the employee. Thus, as a manager, you must know not only what an employee termination letter is but also what it should include.

If not done properly, the letter can cause legal problems later. It is necessary to follow the right procedure for the dismissal in order to avoid lawsuits and these procedures give plenty of evidence to support a case for dismissal. If the termination is carried out lawfully, it is beneficial for the terminated employee, coworkers, and the company as a termination letter should clearly state the exact reason for the dismissal of the employee. The letter must also include any measures that were taken to resolve the problem before firing. For example, if …

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When Time is an Issue Use a Reliable Express Courier Service

When Time is an Issue Use a Reliable Express Courier Service We generally think of courier services as essential to the smooth running of businesses needing to ensure that the service they offer to their customers is efficient, prompt, confidential and reliable.

Courier services provide for the delivery of packages and documents from business to business as well as for goods ordered online to be delivered to consumers. Some courier services also transport machinery and parts across country to ensure the just in time production processes that many manufacturers employ for efficient management of costs and materials.

But there can be situations in which a prompt delivery is even more important. Courier services are sometimes used to deliver medical supplies and these can be extremely time critical.

Similarly business deals often depend on the prompt delivery of sensitive legal documents by a given deadline in order for a contract or transaction to go ahead.

There are some essential qualities that customers need from a same day or next day courier service and these depend on the quality of the vehicles and the staff employed by the courier company.

Transport may be anything from a motorbike to a large truck, and …