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Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants Teeth are very important asset. They not only help in chewing food, but also help in speaking clearly and make a person look good. Some people do not understand the importance of their teeth until they lose them or the teeth are about to get decay. Not understanding the importance of teeth results in early loss of teeth or many other oral problems.

Dental implants are being used to replace missing teeth or decayed teeth from centuries and are still practised worldwide. They are the best and permanent solution to missing teeth problems. Natural teeth never come back when they are lost, and thus a person should be careful towards them. A person should regularly or at least visit a dentist twice in a year for a healthy mouth.

If you have decided to go for dental implants, the second important step is to find a reliable and a good dentist. It is important that you choose a dentist who specialises in your case so that everything can be done flawlessly and effectively.

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The Different Types Of Dental Implants

The Different Types Of Dental Implants Some estimates place the number of dental implant procedures in the country at nearly 200,000 each year. These procedures cost patients and dentists close to $80 million annually. These figures are expected to grow as the population ages and more dentists become trained in oral surgery. Many factors differentiate one type of implant from the next. There are differences in size, shape and even materials. The clearest distinction between implants involves how the devices are placed in the mouth. There are four main types of dental implants currently available.

Endosseous implants are one of the most common types available. These implants simulate the natural root of one or more missing teeth. The implants look like long screws but can also be flat depending on the shape of the jaw. The procedure involves opening the gums and exposing the jawbone. A hole is drilled and an anchor is implanted in the bone. The gums and bone are allowed to heal around the anchor. A second procedure is performed later in order to insert a post into the anchor. The post protrudes above the gums and takes several weeks or months to heal fully so that …