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Space Saving Heaters

Space Saving Heaters If you are going to install a heater, you obviously need to obtain the best one for the job. Generally, a heater’s effectiveness tends to be reduced in an open plan home or where a room is open with access to a stairway. Other reasons for a heater not working to its optimum efficiency would be large window recesses and other sources of drafts or insulation that is not adequate in terms of thickness and area it is intended for. However, if all these things are accounted for and the heater is working efficiently, you can expect a 1500 watt heater to provide sufficient heat for as much as 144 square feet: put another way, to heat every square foot, you need a heater to supply 10 watts.

If you do need to increase the amount of wattage for any reason, it is essential that you use an additional circuit to prevent overload: in any household a single circuit is only designed to carry 15 amps. If a heater is throwing out 150watts of heat then it will be drawing 12.5amps. That means there will not even be enough power left over to power three 100 watt …